In our Samsung Galaxy A10 vs TECNO Spark 3 Pro comparison review, Mister Mobility has a detailed look at the two budget smartphones from the top two smartphone brands in many countries in the Middle East and Africa. Which is the better smartphone for you to buy?

Samsung Galaxy A10 vs TECNO Spark 3 Pro comparison review

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In our Samsung Galaxy A10 vs TECNO Spark 3 Pro comparison review, I have a detailed look at these two lower mid-range smartphones. Which is the better smartphone for you to buy?

If you have a budget of 40,000 (about $112) for a smartphone right now in the middle of 2019, what are the options available to you? Two smartphones from the top 2 smartphone brands in many countries in the Middle East and Africa come to mind: Samsung Galaxy A10 and TECNO SPARK 3 Pro.

A year ago, it would have been a joke pitching a Samsung with a TECNO and asking which was the better value for money. TECNO offered much more affordable devices per dollar back then. But Samsung has risen to the occassion with its new Galaxy A series, and the picture is different now.

Both devices have a 6.2″ display – the Galaxy with a waterdrop notch and the TECNO with a wide notch. Both have 2GB of RAM. Both have 32GB internal storage. Both run Android 9 Pie OS. And both devices have their respective custom user interfaces – One UI for Samsung and HiOS for TECNO. Their batteries are almost even in capacity as well. It is almost like pitching two evenly matched wrestlers against one another.

Samsung Galaxy A10 vs TECNO Spark 3 Pro: Quick Specs Comparison

Samsung Galaxy A10 vs TECNO Spark 3 Pro
Samsung Galaxy A10 vs TECNO Spark 3 Pro: Who wins?

So we can see exactly how closely matched the two phones are, lets look at a comparison table of their key specs and features. That also makes it is easier to spot the areas where they are different.

Samsung Galaxy A10 TECNO Spark 3 Pro
6.2 inches, 720 x 1560 pixels, 19:9 ratio, IPS LCD display. 6.2 inches, 720 x 1500 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio, IPS LCD display
Octa-core Exynos Exynos 7884, 1.6 GHz Quad-core Mediatek Helio A22, 2.0 GHz
5MP selfie camera 8MP selfie camera
13MP rear camera with LED flash 13MP + 2MP rear dual camera with LED flash
Not available Fingerprint reader
32 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD, up to 1TB 32 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD slot, up to 256 GB
3400 mAh battery 3500 mAh battery
₦40,000.00 (about $112) ₦38,500.00 (about $108)

It is a tough one we have here. These two smartphones barely give an inch to one another. They are matched evenly in almost every aspect, and in the areas where they differ, the differences are quite small.

For starters, we will talk about the camera specs here on neutral ground. TECNO Spark 3 Pro has the better specs on paper, with its dual camera at the back and the better specc’d selfie camera in front. However, I am hesistant to pronounce it as having the edge here. W know that numbers don’t count in camera performance. By way of example, the main camera on the Galaxy S9 Plus is a 12MP camera, yet the 48MP camera of the Redmi Note 7 doesn’t come close in terms of details, colour reproduction and more.

So, unless we have a direct photoshoot between the two devices (or scores from a camera phone testing service like DxOMark), I shall leave it to you to swing in whichever direction your preferences lies between the two phones.

So, let’s now move on to examine the features where each phone shines.

Where Samsung Galaxy A10 has the edge

Samsung galaxy a10 2019 hands on

The Galaxy A10 is powered by an EXYNOS 7884 processor (for non-technical people, think of the processor as the engine of the phone i.e. a more powerful processor ina phone or PC is like a more powerful engine in a car. It is here when comparing processors that the Galaxy A10 has a strong edge.

While it is clocked higher, the quad-core Helio A22 in the TECNO isn’t as capable as the octa-core EXYNOS 7884 in the Galaxy A10. A Helio P22 would have made this a more difficult fight for Samsung to win.

Another area where Samsung has the edge in this Samsung Galaxy A10 vs TECNO Spark 3 Pro comparison is in external memory support. Both devices have dedicated memory card slots, but in the case of the Galaxy A10, cards of up to 1TB (1 terra-bite) capacity will work. On the TECNO Spark 3 Pro, the maximum memory card capacity you can use is 256GB.

Samsung Galaxy A10 has a slightly higher pixel resolution than TECNO Spark 3 Pro, A very tiny one that I doubt any human eye can spot in real life.

Where TECNO Spark 3 Pro has the edge

TECNO Spark 3 Pro specs

TECNO Mobile is no pushover in this comparison. It has a few tricks up its sleeve. The Spark 3 Pro has at least one feature that is lacking on the Samsung Galaxy A10 – a fingerprint reader. If you want a fingerprint reader on a ₦40,000 budget, you won’t find one on the A10, and you just might do well to look at the TECNO instead.

TECNO Spark 3 Pro also has a slightly bigger battery – a mere 100mAh difference – than its opponent. Is that enough to make a difference in everyday usage? i doubt it. Neither smartphone has any form of fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy A10 vs TECNO Spark 3 Pro: Who Wins?

There is a small ₦1,500 (that is about $4) price difference between the two smartphones, which pretty means that this fight will can hardly be won on the basis of price alone as it used to be up till a year ago. The difference is insignificant for most people and only those who are extremely cash-strapped will buy based on price.

The trouble is that should we look at the specs, there are very little differences too. However, there are two distinct vote swingers here – if you must have a fingerprint reader, TECNO Spark 3 Pro is what you have to go with. But should you prefer better performance and don’t mind foregoing the fingerprint reader, Samsung Galaxy A10 is what the doctor prescribed.

And so we have come to the end of our Samsung Galaxy A10 vs TECNO Spark 3 Pro comparison review. If you were out shopping for a ₦40,000 (about $112) mid-range smartphone and you were presented with these two options, which would you pick?

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  1. This is nice comparison. In terms of specs on paper, I think the Tecno Spark 3 Pro has the upper hand, especially on the fingerprint unlock scanner and camera aspects but for me, what I care much about is the phone performance in real life. Let’s say I prefer the Galaxy A10 over the Tecno Spark 3 Pro. Good morning Mr MO.

  2. I would prefer the Samsung galaxy A10, but the absence of a finger print reader could be a deal breaker. Hmmmmm. Tough choice

  3. The two smartphone are great but if I were to shop for one, I will go for Samsung Galaxy A10. Fingerprints features is not my favourite feature in a phone. Thank you very much for the review. 👏👏

  4. If I had the means, and I ws asked to pick one out of the two, I’ll definitely pick Samsung Galaxy A10 over Tecno. I never really like Tecno. I prefer Infinix to it, despite thy both are made by the same company: Transsions.

  5. The spark 3 pro wins it for me. Battery life matters a lot, finger print scanner scanner also is a more modern feature with smart phones

  6. There is a better user experience on the Samsung, can’t trade that..
    Water drop notch, processor..
    I will chose the above ahead of fingerprints..
    It’s Samsung all the way, nice try Tecno.

  7. Galaxy A10 all the way all day, i mean no disrespect, techno has really scaled leaps and bounds, but Samsung is just on another level

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