Samsung has released a triple camera phone too. But you cannot afford to expect too much from the triple camera on the Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018’s triple camera is great; just don’t expect too much

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Samsung has released a triple camera phone too. But you cannot afford to expect too much from the triple camera on the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018. It is no Huawei P20 Pro contender.

Before I explain why, let us have a quick look at the key specs of the Samsung A7 2018.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Specs

  • 6-inch, 1080 x 2220 pixels, Super AMOLED display
  • Octa-core 2.2GHz processor
  • RAM/Memory: 4GB/64GB, 4GB/128GB or 6GB/128GB.
  • Side fingerprint sensor
  • Triple Camera: 24MP (F1.7) auto-focus + 8MP (F2.4) ultra-wide + 5MP (F2.2) depth, with adjustable LED flash
  • 3,300 mAh battery
  • Price: €350 ($410)

The above specs are not to be scoffed at. They are respectable, but you will observe that they still fall short of Samsung’s flagships e.g. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Which makes sense. Galaxy’s A-series devices are a step below the flagships in perking order.

The Samsung A7 2018 is made of plastic and has a less powerful processor than the S9 twins and the Note 9. It is also less powerful than the Huawei P20 Pro. And that is not the only point where the P20 Pro outguns it.

samsung galaxy a7 2018 triple camera

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018’s triple camera explained

Here is a quick explanation of how the Samsung A7’s triple camera works:

  • The 24MP Lens automatically lets more light in by combining four pixels into one pixel in low light conditions. This is great for photography in all kinds of lighting conditions. You will also get great resolution images.
  • Combined with the 5MP Depth Lens, the 24MP lens will create pictures with blur/bokeh effects. We all love those kind of photos. I just hope that Samsung has fixed the issue. On the Galaxy S9+, the camera keeps telling me to stretch my hands as much as possible in order for the Blur effect to kick in. My arms are long, yet no matter how hard I try, I am unable to get the effect. One hopes that the A7 2018 does not have this issue.
  • The 8MP 120° Ultra Wide self-explanatory. It lets you take wide-angle photos. This is great for landscape and group photos, as you can pack more into each shot.
  • Lastly, the Samsung A7 2018’s camera is intelligent. Yes; AI is here, and that is no surprise. Samsung’s intelligent Scene Optimizer automatically adjusts the color, contrast and brightness to optimize the quality of your photographs.

This is without doubt a great camera. Reviews will show us how great, and they will roll in soon.

But side-by-side, Huawei P20 Pro’s triple camera out-specs the Samsung A7 2018’s. The former has a 40 megapixel sensor plus 8 megapixel sensor plus 20 megapixel sensor plus AI. In terms of raw specs, there is no way the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 is outshooting Huawei P20 Pro.

Samsung A7 2018's triple camera front back, Samsung A7 (2018)
Samsung A7 2018

I know that someone will soon show up to say that photography quality is not about the megapixels. That is only half the truth. The while truth is that megapixels matter though it isn’t everything.

But here is what makes it clear to me that there is no way the Samsung A7 2018’s triple camera is as good as Huawei P20 Pro’s.

Are you still with me? Here it is: Samsung will not put its best camera in a non-flagship smartphone. It is just that simple. The best Samsung camera phone is the Note 9, which has beaten down the Galaxy S9 Plus from Sammy’s top spot.

Why would Samsung want to put its best camera on a device 3 steps down the ladder from the top of its range of devices?

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018's triple camera
Samsung Galaxy A7 2018

Huawei P20 Pro beat the Galaxy S9+ and also the Galaxy Note9 and has remained the unchallenged top camera phone of 2018. In a short while, we shall see whether the iPhone XS Max and Google Pixel 3 can change that. They are both flagships and will come to this gunfight with top guns blazing.

Expect A Lot From Samsung Galaxy A7 2018’s Triple Camera

I can bet that the triple camera on the Samsung A7 2018 will be best-in-class. In the mid-range sector where it belongs, the competition will have a hard task besting it. It might even make its way close to the top camera phones of the year.

Just Not Too Much

The Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 is a great camera phone on its own. But do not compare it with Huawei P20 Pro. Don’t do it. These two triple camera phones are not in the same class.

So if you want a triple camera phone with a really outstanding camera at the top of the pyramid and you can afford it, go get the Huawei P20 Pro. If you want a triple camera phone that costs much less, then Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 is what the doctor ordered.

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