Costing a whopping $2,000 (or about ₦700,000), it isn’t likely that a lot of people on planet earth will ever get their hands on one, but who needs to? A Samsung Galaxy Fold Hands-on video is the next best thing to handling the real thing, and here’s one for you.

Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on video: new and improved

The new, improved Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready and shipping already. If you are wondering what it looks like now and what has changed, we have a hands-on video for you to satisfy your thirst. Yes; a Samsung Galaxy Fold Hands-on video is the next best thing to handling the real thing.


We cvan tell you upfront that not much has changed. Samsung addressed the structural issues that led to failure in some units of the first iteration earlier in the year. Those changes have not required a complete overhaul of the design of the Galaxy Fold.

New improved Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on video


For example, the gap between the display and the hinge has been reduced, there are new protective cups at the top and bottom of the device and the flexible polymer is now located under the bezel.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Hands-on video


What do you think of the new Galaxy Fold? If money were not a problem, would you purchase one?

If money is not a problem and you do want one, you’d have to get it from South Korea for now. It arrived there first on the 6th of September, 2019 and will head to France, Germany, Singapore, U.K. on September 18, before making a touchdown in the United States by month end. Get your cash ready though. $2,000 is no joke. That’s ₦700,000 only.

Speaking of which, Have you ever spent $2,000 on a smartphone? What of $1,000 (₦355,000)? There’s always a first time though.

And if you are not buying one, it doesn’t hurt to ogle. We hope you enjoyed this Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on video.

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  1. The price of this device is not a joke at all, but I’m not surprised, as a foldable phone, it worth it. And aside from the money, I’m not really a fan because I love the look of the regular and normal smartphone. Any phone that has to do with flip, open and close or fold, I don’t like. Please don’t get me wrong, I never said the idea is bad.

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