Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 in the house

Look what dropped in at Mobility Towers yesterday – the Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660! Etisalat Nigeria gave units of the Gio out at their 3rd anniversary event yesterday, so we got one.

This is not the first time that we are getting a free smartphone from Etisalat either. The Huawei U8180 was first. Our thanks to the Etisalat PR team and agency.

Quick Description

The Galaxy Gio is the smartphone (at least one of the available options) that you buy if you want a Galaxy but cannot afford the S-class – and you don’t want to buy a budget droid.

In other words, the Gio is mid-range. You get most of the functionality, but the Android and Samsung/TouchWiz experience are there. Specifically, you get:

It seems a nice enough package for the target market.

Setting Up

Setting up was trouble-free, as it should be. I configured my Gmail account, and all my contacts, calendar entries and email were on board in minutes. Next up was Twitter. Then Facebook. All easy pie.

Firmware Update

The Gio came with Android version 2.2.1 out of the box. After setting it up last night, the first thing I did was connect it to a PC running Samsung Kies to see if the v2.3 update was available.

The mobile gods must have been happy with me, because an update was available. It didn’t take more than 20 minutes to get the Gio updated and purring on Android 2.3.3, which is the latest version for this particular device.

PS: Ye gods, I am still waiting for my N9 update 😉 (by the way, can/should one wink at the gods?).

Ready to Roll

I have pulled out my microSIM from the N9 and managed to get it into the Gio by adaptation and I will be using it as my primary smartphone for a number of days.

I have over 70GB bonus data on my line, so Android can guzzle all it wants. Already, from 8pm last night when I set it up till this morning, 82MB of data has been used. That’s almost 100MB in 12 hours (and I slept 6 of those hours).

But all is well. I’m covered. While on the subject, I have been getting lots of help requests from Android users who are freaked out at how their devices consume data like its going out of date tomorrow. I have an article in the works with tips to help you guys out, so hang in there!

Any questions about the Gio or a feature on Android that interests you? Please submit in the comments box below.


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