1 more thing: Samsung Galaxy Home is a Bixby smart speaker

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Everybody got into AI (artificial intelligence), and now everybody is getting into smart speakers. Like all smart speakers, it is AI-powered, in this case, Bixby. This first Bixby smart speaker goes by the name Samsung Galaxy Home and it will be competing with Google Home, Apple HomePod, and Amazon Echo.

There are no details available yet on the Galaxy Home, so we do not have detailed specs or features to share now. We do have some basic.

Samsung Galaxy Home: What We Know

We do know that it will be a music-focused device. It has Harman’s AKG audio built in, and a powerful speaker. It also has eight microphones so it can cover all directions and pick your voice from anywhere in the room.

Also, this Bixby smart speaker will be able to turn on and off lights and control compatible smart appliances at home. What kind of smart speaker would it be if it couldn’t do that?

Samsung Galaxy Home: Design

It is interesting though that it looks like Samsung took some hints from our African cooking pots. You know, the kind that are used for cooking our world-famous jollof rice. These are also called Cast Iron Potjies. Have a look:

Cast Iron Potjies

See the resemblance? Hilarious! That tear-drop shape and tripod metal legs are a copy of those pots.

Samsung Galaxy Home - Bixby smart speaker

There is no word of when this first Bixby smart speaker will be available or how much it will cost.

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