The all new Samsung Note 3 could feature a metal body. Well not quite new yet, given that there is so little about the phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Just Might Feature a Metal Body


The all new Samsung Note 3 could feature a metal body. Well not quite new yet, given that there is so little about the phone that we know about. However, much like the Wave 3, the Samsung Note 3 could be made of similar stuff which that former, now obsolete phone had. This could shake off a lot of criticism about its previous choice to go with plastic, even for its biggest and flagship models. If Samsung does go the metal way, thus making a difference, this will be a welcome change. Not to mention, a differentiating factor between its own devices. The metal body will make its presence more felt, by giving off a premium feel. Also, it will end up weighing more, but on the bright side, your device will stay nice and cool.

Samsung smartphones are truly a hit in the market world over; smart devices are practically synonomous with Samsung in some regions, where buyers won’t think of any other option even if it is a cheaper one. Samsung smartphones use unique and interesting software, timely updates, great and high end hardware and heck you got to love the TouchWiz UI. Now, everything about a Samsung smartphone is loved, save and except its plastic body. No matter how we like to cover up for it by highlighting its other features, there is no doubting that we would prefer a metal body.

Even for those Samsung lovers, who don’t mind their plastic, still that traded in for superior stuff will definitely be appreciated. Disbelievers anyone? Well let’s remember how good the HTC One feels, with its polished metal body. Now, after scores of rumors about the Galaxy Note 3, now another one emerges that it may abandon the polycarbonate casing, perhaps taking in the dust HTC has been kicking back with its gorgeous One. That device’s attraction also positively comes from its tasteful design coming mostly from the premium feel from being a metal device. Also not to forget other high end phones such as the Sony Xperia Z and yes, the iPhone. Knowing that has been a stickler Samsung for plastic, makes this rumor seem unlikely, however there arte good sources that back it. However if it isn’t true, a lot of hopes will be trashed. When the metal body has fine concentric designs or lateral designs it looks good, and makes it less prone to scratch. When you start to ingrane and design a plastic casing that looks sub-standard and cheap. A lot of these metal body rumors are coming in from Sam Mobile, which gets its information for valuable and trusty sources, so, we’re slowly starting to believe even though its hard to image Samsung wouldn’t still keep the plastic trend.

Sam Mobile is Samsung devoted, so the veracity of the news seems probable. If Samsung wants to contend with flagship models from other big companies it better burn the plastic, for nature’s sake too, and get adopt the metal body for its more expensive handsets. Nothing will stop a Samsung high end smartphone, if it came in metal that would just be incredible.

SamMobile also informed that Samsung may not go by the skeletal design framework taken from the Galaxy S4. Also another tip off we get, is that it will come with a whopping six inch Full HD Super AMOLED display screen having a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is a lot on the lines of the recently popular Galaxy Mega line. Also it could come with an Exynos 5 Octa CPU and with LTE. Perhaps the Galaxy Note 3 could have a 13 megapixel camera or perhaps higher. One rumor that least needs affirmation is that it will come with the latest version of Android, which could be the possibly delectable Key Lime Pie, which has been rumored with all the new flagship models, and yet no debut has been made.

This device is expected to be revealed officially at the IFA 2013 which will happen in September 2013. Long wait that is, plenty of time for Samsung to take a hint from these rumors if it has in fact stuck with plastic.


  1. 6 inches full HD Super Amoled, 4GB RAM, metal body, Exynos 5 Octa with LTE, 13-16MP camera with dual/improved LED, probably 128GB internal memory, Android 4.3 or better still 5.0, new improved S-pen with Bluetooth features, ……..

    This will indeed cause Anarchy/Entropy in the Temple/System

  2. /// This will indeed cause
    Anarchy/Entropy in the

    Yeah, for TechnoManiacs

  3. Ok… Now you guys are making me salivate already. I have decided not to upgrade from my note2,but if all of the above, esp those of the dreamer forte spy is anything to go by…. Then I will have to eat my words and get me the next note. I doubt is I can use any other smartphone model as my primary phone. The Note does it all.

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