It isn’t August, yet it looks like heavy visiting period at your favourite mobile lifestyle blog, MOBILITY. A few weeks ago, the Lumia 610 dropped

Samsung Galaxy Note II Is Visiting MOBILITY Too

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Samsung galaxy Note II

It isn’t August, yet it looks like heavy visiting period at your favourite mobile lifestyle blog, MOBILITY. A few weeks ago, the Lumia 610 dropped by and is already getting ready to leave. Last week, the new windows Phone 8 flagship dropped by too, and we are currently ogling and drooling all over it. It has been a long time coming, but the Samsung Galaxy Note II is already in transit and headed our way as well.

I am a fan of the stylus on mobile, having a heritage of superb stylus-based devices like Ericsson R380s, Motorola “Accompli” 008, Sony Ericsson P800, Palm Treo 700P, Sony Ericsson P990i, Sony Ericsson P1i, HTC Titan/Sprint Mogul, Samsung i780, Samsung i780, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, and HTC Touch Pro2. July 2010 was the last time that I used or reviewed a smartphone with a stylus. Whoa! That is over two 92) years ago. It has been a long time coming. Is the stylus back for good? You probably already know what I think the answer to that question is.

As usual, please let me have your questions and request as to things you’d love for me to take a look at during my time with the Note II.


  1. Nice one. I’m looking forward to this review.
    I’m more concerned about the fluidity of the OS.I use the original Samsung Galaxy Note and it lagged from day one on 2.3.6 and still lags on 4.0.4.thats my only issue with it.My SGS2 is even faster than lags, still running 2.3.5
    Also check the responsiveness of the S pen.

  2. D samsung note 11 screen scratches easily, i already av 3 visible scratches on my screen by just carrying it my pocket, my nokia n8 is even more rugged. The ba3 life is superbly good, but its a glutton when it comes 2 data consumption.

  3. Abayomi,

    That will be a serious issue. Screen scrayching easilly even with Gorilla glass 2? Unfirtunately, I dare not subject a review device to a screen scratch test to see for myself…

  4. Also find out, after signing on to the stock Facebook and twitter client, do their feeds/updates appear on the notification bar. it doesn’t appear on the Samsung galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Note

  5. I dnt tnk u av test-scratch it atall, i neva brot a shart object close it, i even jealously guide it wen i gv it 2 people. D S pen is also very difficult to master.

  6. @abayomi, I beg to differ. The coolest thing with the note2 to use is the s-pen and I have not had any scratch on it even though my 1year old daughter have had to through it around the floor(face down) few times. It’s corning gorilla glass 2!

  7. Could be that his is Shamsung Galxay Not2. The disparity must have some root. Remember the SIII Mr. Mo reviewed or handled recently?

    Most of the reviews I have come across think the S Pen is wonderful and here again, Abayomi’s is difficult to master. Maybe, just maybe….

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