We put the matter to test in the public, and you have responded with over 70 comments and 39 votes on that article. The fight

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Is Mobility Phone Of The Year 2011

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We put the matter to test in the public, and you have responded with over 70 comments and 39 votes on that article. The fight was a neck-to-neck battle between the venerable Symbian flagship, Nokia N8 (released in October 2010), and Samsung’s more recent Android flagship, the Galaxy S 2 (released February 2011). Eventually, the Galaxy S 2 edged the N8 back by just four (4) votes to clinch the title.

A summary of the votes cast:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S 2: 13 votes
  2. Nokia N8: 9 votes
  3. Nokia N9: 3 votes
  4. Nokia E7: 2 votes
  5. iPhone 4S: 2 votes
  6. Samsung Galaxy S: 1 vote
  7. Nokia 5800: 1 vote
  8. Samsung Galaxy Nexus: 1 vote
  9. Motorola Droid Razr: 1 vote
  10. HTC EVO 3D: 1 vote
  11. LG Optimus 3D: 1 vote
  12. Nokia X2-01: 1 vote
  13. Samsung Galaxy Gio: 1 vote
  14. Nokia 701: 1 vote

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Mobility blog’s phone of the year 2011, the Samsung Galaxy S II:
Samsung Galaxy S 2


  1. Ain’t surprised the SGS II won.

    With a ‘galactic’ appellation, why on EARTH woukd it NOT win?

    Medicine after death (forgot to vote):

    My phone of the DECADE is ..

    Nokia 5800.

    (*** Heading oi the Election Tribunal to challenge THIS result ***)

  2. The rise of samsung and the fall of nokia.
    @Space. Can i get your email i got lots of questions to ask about your bold 2.

  3. I was not expecting anything less. kudos to the symbian war horse Nokia N8 for the good fight. Samsung galaxy s2 raised the bar in 2011 just like fc Barcelona. I hope they will sustained the tempo and improve upon their achievement rather than repenting.

  4. The Samsung Galaxy SII sure deserves it, its known world wide as 1 of, if not the best Android Device. All that it needs now is ICS and Sammy is sure working hard at that.

  5. I join eyebeekay as the appellants in filing statutory perpetual injunction restraining yomi from using the mobility platform in declaring the S2 instead of the N8 as the phone of the year

    oops! its being published already!

  6. kudos to mobility-inec for a transparent result collation. And to the mobile phone-elect of the year… thumbs up.

    At least our votes counted here, unlike in another clime. Lol!

  7. Aye. The Droids have their way.

    The invasion of the android is a global phenomenon. It appears Nigeria is part of the global world!

  8. Well deserved victory. The best of 2011, looking forward to seeing ICS updates for the beast of 2011.

  9. The world as we know it would end……..when Eyebeekay decides to bury his beloved 5800. Sheesh!!!

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