The Samsung Galaxy S II has broken its older sibling’s record by crossing the 3 million sales mark in less than two months after launch.

Samsung Galaxy S II sails past 3 million in sales

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The Samsung Galaxy S II has broken its older sibling’s record by crossing the 3 million sales mark in less than two months after launch. That is huge.

But it is not surprising. The S II is arguably the top-specified smartphone on the market at this time. It is a dual-core Android 2.3 device with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display.

Unfortunately, it is not yet available in Nigeria, so MobilityNigeria have been unable to bring you a review. Trust though that as soon as we lay our hands on it, we will provide you lots to feast on.

  1. Even Sammy was surprised with the sales, simply put the sales exceeds the budget.

    This phone sure has great appeal.

  2. Its such a wonderful phone. I told my friend to get for me he will reach nigeria tomorrow. And fedex should deliver my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 highest wednesday. Really I can’t wait

  3. The sales isn’t surprising. The galaxy S II is the greatest phone on earth at the moment!

  4. There is this nahging story about top_spec’d devices like this one overhearing significantly under moderate to intense use.

    There was a friend who used to have a paper-thin Samsung phone – thinnest phoneon the world at the time.). I can not remember the model.

    He used to complain that the problem with the phone was that it heats up his eardrums! We chalked it up to the slender profile.

    Maybe -THIN superphones like this one need cooling fans to keep our tympanic membranes from frying, or maybe they need to be made thicker to dissipate heat more effectively

    Smoking eardrums apart, heat is not exacly t electronic-friendly. What are the chances of the processor gaoling prematurely due to overheating?

    I wonder..

  5. to me the sales is not even impressive…am expecting over 15million already lol..this phone is a monster of a phone!

  6. like afewgoodmen said, its the best phone on the planet at the moment. compare it with any other, the sgs2 will win. I dont think any smartphone handling as much tasks simultaneously wont feel warm to the touch. Seriously trying to keep my eye from it as its sooo tempting.

  7. Samsung Galaxy S2 is the smartest, most powerful, slimmest, innovative and impressive smartphone in the world right now. There’s nothing like saying ‘arguably’ as Yomi Adegboye posted. Reviewed side by side with iPhone 4, the Galaxy 2 beats it hands down. And no other competitor. Gadget pundits are now awaiting the yet-to-be-released iPhone 5 to see if it will match Galaxy 2, not to talk of beating it! You can’t just find a single fault with Galaxy S2. It’s no wonder it comes a premium high price tag, but am already saving towards it.

  8. Ade and co,

    I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, but you can only insist that the S2 is the most specified phone now ONLY if you ignore the Japanese Market, which already has phones that are running specs that the S2 can only dream of now.

    Most people simply ignore Japan when discussing mobile phones, yet the Japanese mobile Market is almost always 2-3 years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of devices and services.

    I insist: the S2 is ARGUABLY the top specified phone today. Take a look at what currently exists in the Japanese ecosystem and get back to me on that.

  9. For the moment, SGS2 is the most specified and smartest phone in the world. I watched the video comparisons of sgs2 with iphone4, HTC sensation, HTC EVO 3D and other latest smartphones with dual core processor at yet, sgs2 beats all of them in terms of web browsing, fastness and everything. Please I would like to know when it will be available in Nigeria.

  10. @weke its a great device, everything I wanted in a tablet. Great battery life, gorgeous graphics. I especially love the browser. And for the fact that people used to frown upon honeycomb(the lacl of tablet optimized apps) I don’t find that as a problem since most phone apps work flawlessly(and honeycomb 3.2 that might come soon will make them work better). And yes IOS has more apps but honeycomb has all the apps I need. My only problem is that my tab is wifi only, so connectivity is quite a problem(its quite a hassle carrying a Dlink wireless router everywhere lol). From what I heard its available in lagos now ranging between N106,000 to N135,000

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