Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-order kicks off in Nigeria

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This is for the big boys and girls only. If you’ve got cash to spend in this Buhari era, this is a good time to jump on the Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-order, which has kicked off in Nigeria already.

Samsung Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus, were launched yesterday.

Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-order

Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-order points

I have seen a text message from Glo inviting subscribers to come pre-order any of the three Galaxy S10 models at their GloWorld outlets.

But the pre-order exercise is not exclusive to Glo. It is available at the other mobile networks, as well as mainstream mobile phone retailers like Slot and Pointek, among others.

For details about the three devices, click on the respective links below:

samsung galaxy s10 triple camera

The most affordable of the lot is the S10E, which costs around NGN 260,000. If you want either of the other two models, be ready to cough out as much as N410,000.

While you big boys are girls dash to be the first, I am putting up one of my kidneys for sale so I can upgrade my S9+ to the S10E or S10.

Sounds like a plan; right? Or another miracle might happen. Afterall, I was minding my business last year when MTN Nigeria offered me a Galaxy S9 and by a miracle, I ended up with the S9+ (128 GB variant for that matter) last year. The gods of mobile are good. To me. All the time.

Don’t wait for me though. Go process your Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-order!

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