Samsung Galaxy S23 Unboxing and First Impressions

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Samsung Galaxy S23 unboxing
Samsung Galaxy S23 unboxing

If you need an introduction to Samsung Galaxy S23, here it one: this is the most affordable premium flagship phone released by Samsung in 2023. And we have one in our hands here at MobilityArena. The black-colored box is a compact affair – we almost couldn’t believe that was it. It is such a small box.

If you are like most of us here, you are interested in what is in the retail box; right? Looking at how small the retail box was, we wondered if Samsung put anything other than the phone itself in there. We found out soon enough. Find out the full details below in our Samsung Galaxy S23 unboxing.

Samsung Galaxy S23 unboxing: Region-specific information and carrier support

First up, we checked the label on the box for some details. The labels specify that this phone unit is cream colour and internal storage is 128GB. We got the SM-S911U1 / SM-S911UZEEXAA model, which is specific to the United States. SM-S911U1, along with SM-S911U and SM-S911W are the models sold in North America. The SM-S911U1 model is factory unlocked and compatible with T-Mobile, Verizon, and MetroPC, AT&T, Cricket Wireless, h2o, Sprint, and Visible. You can buy it from the Samsung US website, as well as from other independent retailers.

Samsung Galaxy S23 unboxing: What’s in the retail box?

Now to the Samsung Galaxy S23 unboxing proper. Opening up the compact box, we found the following items inside:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 in cream color
  • USB-C to USB-C cable in black color (when will phone brands start matching the cable color to the color of the phone? Or am I asking for too much?)
  • Quick Start Guide and Terms & Conditions
  • SIM ejection tool
Samsung Galaxy S23 unboxing - inside the box

That is it. If you were expecting a power adaptor (or wall charger, depending on what you call it), you are out of luck. Samsung does not include on in the box. The phone does support 25W fast charging and Power Delivery 3.0. Rummage around the house to see if you have an old charger that will get the job done. Here is my own experience with using an older charger of mine with the S23.

There is no 3.5mm audio headset in the box either, because high-end and premium flagship phones by Samsung no longer support that feature. You will have to use one of the available alternatives for audio.

Samsung Galaxy S23 unboxing: First impressions and quick review

That is it on our Samsung Galaxy S23 unboxing. My first impressions of the Samsung S23 were good. First, it is quite compact – just a little bigger than the iPhone SE 3rd Generation. I consider that a good thing, as I love my phones compact. As a matter of fact, the two phones share quite a number of similarities (see our Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Apple iPhone SE 3 2022 Comparison).

The Galaxy S23 feels sturdy in the hand, and I do not have that fear of dropping it, which is odd, considering that there is a mild fear of dropping the iPhone SE 3rd Gen. I wonder. That aside, the display is beautiful, the stereo speakers sound great, the cameras shoot really good photos. We would be scandalised if any of these were different. This is an $800 smartphone after all.

Looking at the user interface, I am a fan of One UI, but it still has some rough edges that need to be ironed out. I will likely go into more details in another article. In all, my first impressions of the Galaxy S23 after unboxing it are good. I like this one.

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