Samsung can be defined with one word. Crazy!! Few weeks ago, they launched the Galaxy Note 5 in Nigeria. Latest rumors are saying the company is preparing…

Samsung Galaxy S7 might be announced in January; see the specs

Samsung can be defined with one word. Crazy!! Few weeks ago, they launched the Galaxy Note 5 in Nigeria. Latest rumors are saying the company is preparing to launch the Galaxy S7. The rumors even claims the event is happening on the 17 th of January 2016.


Galaxy-S7-rumorsBelow are the rumored features of this phone (Mind you, this is subject to change):

  • It will come in 3 variants with three different chips for different markets. Exynos 7422 , the Exynos 8890 (a.k.a Exynos M1) and the Snapdragon 820.
  • The phone will have something similar to Apple’s 3D Touch-like technology.
  • USB Type-C port.
  • Dual-camera setup with a new 20-megapixel primary sensor.
  • ePoP chip which integrating all important sensors on a single die.

Samsung got no chill. When boys are still saving up for the Galaxy S6, now we’re hearing about the S7 😥



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  1. Really, Samsung got no chill at all.

    If this pic is what the phone will eventually look like though….samsung is a winner 🙂

  2. Nothing but innovative, they got no chill because they need to pay their staffs, and sustain a company.

  3. Naaah! They can have plenty chill and still pay staff and make profit. Apple does that ”chillingly” :). Samsung’s problem…I really dont know. With the way they churn out devices months after months…na real wa

  4. they are making profit, just not as much as they used to. like a lot of OEMs, i think Samsung needs to streamline their smartphone portfolio to focus on their strong tiers/niches ie their premium/flagship smartphones (A & S series) & high end phablets (Note series)

  5. Exactly my point. Samsung lacks focus. They release new phones weekly now. Not a good way to do business

  6. Samsung lacks Focus???

    Lol, thats a billion dollar company right there o…focus isn’t the word 🙂

  7. The same rumor mill every single year,the S7 will come when other S series premiered,just tech sites and bloggers stiring up rumors for traffic..

  8. Truly Samsung has deep serious issues… Their gadget range is freaking too much.. A chill pill will do them a hella good.

  9. True.. There are sometimes it’s expedient to minimalize.. The Chinese companies taking over have less mobile device range than Mr Samsung.. So more ain’t always better

  10. maybe, but Samsung usually announces their flagship S device in Q1, could be January or February or March and then showcase them at MWC (in February or March). devices are usually released in April

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