Ulefone F2 is a Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone with 8 GB RAM

Posted by Mister Mobility

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is a really gorgeous device. It was only a mater of time before someone got inspired by the design, pretty much the same way everyone and their dog is inspired by the iPhone’s design these days. It turns out that the spirit of the gods of mobile has fallen on Chinese OEM, Ulefone, and inspired them to come up with a Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone.

The inspiration is very blatant, but then people who act under divine inspiration tend to be unabashed in their actions. What Ulefone has nicknamed F2 is almost a 100% lifting of the design of the Galaxy S8. But the copying doesn’t end with the design, Ulefone is copying terminology as well. Samsung calls the near bezel-less display fo the S8 Ïnfinity Display”; Ulefone calls that of the F2 “Infinite Display”. Sigh.

As a matter of fact, the brand is claiming that the Ulefone F2 will be the world’s first smartphone with “infinite” display. LOL. Whatever keeps Ulefone happy is fine. But this is BS. The F2 will not tbe the first of any such thing. The F2 is a blatant copy job. End of.

And that is probably all well and good too. People who are familiar with smartphone hstory will remember that Samsung themselves are not strangers to the habit of copying the design of another product. Apple fought a bitter war against Samsung for years over patent infringements. But not even Samsung was as blatant as Ulefone is being right now.

Chances are that if the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Ulefone F2 are placed side-by-side, you would be hard pressed to tell which is which.

So, what do we know of this Samsung Galaxy S8 clone for now? It has an 5.7-inch “infinite display” with same 18.5:9 aspect ratio that the Galaxy S8 has, and 8 GB of RAM. We do not have any other info for now. When we have more, we shall publish the specifications sheet of the Ulefone F2.

In the meantime, here is what the Ulefone F2 looks like:

One desperately hopes that this is a hoax – something that someone with a great sense of humour photoshopped. Because, if this is a valid thing that Ulefone is actually working on, someone needs to nominate them for the Guinness World Record of copy-and-paste in smartphones. Seriously.

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