Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie problems pop up after the update

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Reports of Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie problems being encountered are beginning to come in from users around the world who have updated their phones.

The Android pie update arrived on my Galaxy S9 Plus some weeks ago. It was smooth sailing for weeks and I had no issues with the update until I enabled full screen gestures. At first, there was no problem. But soon, I began to experience an issue at random when typing: the Enter button would not respond. That meant I could not create paragraphs when that happened. Bummer.

Then out of the blues, a friend called me two days ago to complain of problems he is dealing with on his device since upgrading to Android Pie. I knew something was up.

So I ran a search online and found that there are Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus users around the world who have installed update and are having even more serious Android Pie problems than mine or my friend’s.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie problems

I have taken the pains to compile the reported problems I have found so far. Here is a short list of all the Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie problems that have been reported so far:

  1. When typing text with full screen gestures active, the Enter key fails to respond at random. I am personally experiencing this on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. I have had to disable full screen gestures and return to the regular navigation buttons.Samsung Galaxy S9 problems full screen gestures
  2. Battery drain. Quite a number of Samsung S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus users are reporting that their batteries now drain faster since updating to Android 9 Pie.
  3. Inability to create group text messages or send/receive picture messages. This is one of the most widespread Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie problems reported so far.
  4. Fingerprint security not functioning for Secure Folder. A personal friend called me to report this issue. Since updating his Samsung S9 to Android Pie, fingerprint authentication has stopped working for logging into Secure Folder. he has resigned to using a password for that.
  5. Sluggish fingerprint authentication. Some users are reporting that the fingerprint sensor is now very slow since the update.
  6. General UI lag. Some users report that navigating through their phone has become a slow experience.
  7. Delay/lag in recent apps menu to switch from first app to another app.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie problems

What is responsible for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie problems?

The messaging, battery drain, and sluggish user interface problems appear to be the most widespread issues. It looks like One UI isn’t playing too well with quite a number of Samsung S9 devices. Or is it that One UI isn’t playing too well with Android Pie? Or perhaps it is Android Pie that isn’t playing well with the Galaxy S9 hardware.

Whatever the problem is, it is clear that the Android 9 update for Samsung phones needs some work to kill a number of bugs. Hopefully, Samsung will rise up to the occasion and sort these problems out through one or more software updates.

Have you updated your Samsung S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus to Android Pie? Have you experienced any issues? You are welcome to share.

If you have not updated your Galaxy S9 device to Android 9 Pie yet, it might be a good idea to hold on for now – at least till the bugs are squashed. Some users who updated are so fed up that they are looking for ways to downgrade the software on their devices. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to do that yet. Stuck, they are for now.

Thankfully, my device is not experiencing any lag or faster battery drain. Those would be deal breakers for me. I like full screen gestures but I can live without them for now. When the Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie problems are resolved, I will be happy to turn the feature back on.

February 19th update: I spoke too soon. I am facing battery drain issues too. In standby, my S9+ now drains faster than before. For example, if I go to bed with the battery at 100%, I wake up to find it at about 70%. It wasn’t so before the Android Pie update.

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