A Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus drop test was the devil’s idea

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The Redmi Note 7’s toughness put ideas in my head, but it turned out that a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus drop test was the devil’s idea.

After we recorded the Redmi Note 7 drop test video, an idea began to build up in my head: Why not drop test the Galaxy S9 Plus? Winnie’s immediate response to me was, “That’s the devil talking to you!” I am not superstitious, but perhaps she has a point.

At the Redmi Note 7 launch event, I had seen a unit banged repeatedly on a table and tortured with a knife. It came out of those stress tests in good shape. Then after our review unit arrived, it fell twice at home, hitting the hard floor (ceramic tiles), and came off without any scratch or break.

Yet, when it was time for us to conduct the drop test, I still had some apprehensions. The human mind is a wonderful thing but can be a terribly fickle thing too. We dropped the Redmi Note 7 twice. If you have seen the video, you saw how fearful Winnie was of letting it drop. It turned out her fear was unnecesary.

The Redmi Note 7 did not crack, break, or shatter from being dropped repeatedly, thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on both the front and back sides of the phone.

Well, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has Gorilla Glass 5 protection too on both the front and back sides, so it should be as tough as the Redmi Note 7; right? I was so intrigued and itching to drop my unit to the floor too.

But a quick Google search quickly cured me of my delusions. The results returned various Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus drop tests done around the world but the general concensus is that while the S9 and S9 Plus have some toughness, they are very prone to cracking when dropped. In this drop test by Cnet, the S9’s screen stayed intact but its back cracked badly. Such a shame.

Samsung galaxy s9 plus drop test
The Galaxy S9 Plus is prone to crack when dropped.

E be like say gorilla Glass 5 pass Gorilla Glass 5. Somehow, Xiaomi implemented it better than on the Redmi Note 7 than Samsung did on the S9/S9 Plus.

In the case of the Redmi Note 7, there was no crack or scuff from the 4 different times we dropped it on hard ceramic floors.

No Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus drop test for me

I am not a huge fan of phone cases, but I did finally keep the USAMS Joe leather case and have had it on my Galaxy S9 Plus after the glass phone slipped from my hand and almost had a strong disagreement with the hard floor. It was a moment of decision for me.

So, I shall not be drop testing my S9 Plus. If Samsung were to send one in, I’d take the risk. Well, that would be no risk to me, actaully. Which is perfect.

I believe that Winnie was right: a drop test of my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus would have been inspired by the devil. And he’d have had the last laugh. I hate that she was right though. I really hate that she was right. I’d rather carry my phone around naked (the phone, that is; not me) than have a protective case on it all the time.

Are you interested in either the Redmi Note 7 or the Galaxy S9 Plus? See our Redmi Note 7 review for the video of the drop test we did. Be sure to check out our Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review too.

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  1. Well, after reading through this, one thing is sure – Samsung lied about sealing the back of the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ with a corning Gorilla Glass 5. They were dubious on that. How can a phone that expensive failed drop-test. Not so good.

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