The Samsung Galaxy Tab is visiting Mobility Arena for review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab in the House

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We took delivery of a Samsung Galaxy Tab late this afternoon. Of course, you can expect a review, which Dayo will be primarilly handling. In the meantime, a few appetising pictures.






One thing is sure – this guy is huge. But then, it is a tablet, not exactly a smartphone. Expect Dayo’s review(s) of this gargantuan device.


  1. Thought we said we’re not supporting android anymore on this site till they open d market to nigeria??

  2. Have been playing with a colleague’s unit for some days now. Liked it but always get tired of holding it after an hour. Will pass until Samsung comes up with an ultra light version in future.

  3. This is definitely one of my just for devices, i’d definitely use it as a smartphone with a bluetooth headset though

  4. Yes, Spacyzuma. If using the galaxy pad is stressful then the iPad should be definitely be a chore because it is larger and heavier than the galaxy pad.

    That said, they are not meant to be used as a phone. They are tablets for Gawd’s sake. Better on a Sofa or on a bus. The tab is placed on your knees and held with one hand, while you recline backwards and tap away with your free hand. Believe me; it is an enjoyable experience.

  5. Reading about people griping about the ‘weight’ / ‘size’ of the Galaxy Tab and the Apple iPad, I was silently reaffirming my conviction that tablets are strange creatures. Not a smartphone, not a netbook, not an ebook reader!

    I wrote an article about this @

    A Galaxy Tab, with a slightly reduced diagonal size of say 4.5″ would be just about the right size.

    With the integrated Swype application onboard for the Tab, I wonder how easily useable the ‘swiping’ mode would be, given the dimensions. The ‘tap-tap’ mode of the Swype application may just be the more prectical mode.

    When in landscape mode on by 3.2″ Nokia 5800, using the ‘swiping; mode of Swype has always be a pain to me. This is because of the necessary ‘travel’ when ‘swiping’ to connect the characters. The needed ‘travel’ will probably give one carpal tunnel syndrome!

  6. Having used the Swype application for a while (and having also used DayHand Input by Mr Milk), swype (in the ‘swiping’ mode) is easier to use only when the characters are close together. It is the reason I find it more difficult to use in landscape mode, and why I expect it to be difficult to use on a Galaxy Tab of 7″ or so.

    When you swipe for long enough on a device with wide dimensions, you are going to get fatigued in that single hand.

    hankfully, you can then switch to the tap-tap mode of Swype!

  7. The 15mins I spent with the Galaxy Tab was use to concentrate on giving it to the owner savely rather than access it, it was like if it fell…………Galaxy S is cheaper and better.

  8. Before I used the iPad, I was always of the opinion that it was too big.

    But after I spent a couple of weekends with it, it suddenly became small.

    In my opinion, the Galaxy Tab is not big at all at all, it is very ok.

    In fact, I prefer a 10′ Android tablet.

    And one advice, Never compare the size of a Tablet with a phone, BECAUSE it will always be BIG.

  9. Hi guys,

    The Galaxy Tab is a beauty to use. I’ve had mine now for over a month and not had issues with. In fact, I’m planning on doing away with my Blackberry since the Tab does practically what I used my BB for and more. It was seamlessly with my wireless network both at the office and home. It automatically switches to data once I’m out of reach.

    You can getsocial media on the go, and it gives me access to corporate mail, and loads of apps at the Android market. And lately, Android market has made it convenient for you download straight from your desktop pc or notebook to the Tab without any form of connection – just via your Google mail and it arrives into your Tab.

    The screen is perfect but a little awkward making and receiving calls on the Tab. Because you’re forced to use a hear set or the speakers.

    Carrying it around is very convenient. It fits perfectly like a notepad in your hands if you’re used to carrying like I do.

    I strongly recommend it.

    By the way I’m submitting this comment via my Galaxy Tab.

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