The Galaxy X might be Samsung’s first foldable smartphone

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Samsung appears to be working on something amazing. The rumour mill says that Samsung might release their long-awaited foldable smartphone soon. The company will likely market the foldable smartphone as the Galaxy X.

A Twitter user discovered the trademark online. The person posted a screenshot of the document, showing the name Samsung Galaxy X; another screenshot showed a Galaxy X branding promo.


However, you are advised to take these with a pinch of salt, as they are yet to be verified.

galaxy x foldable smartphone

Samsung’s Push For A Foldable Smartphone

Samsung first experimented a foldable display in 2011. Back then, the company developed an AMOLED display that could be folded up to 100,000 times without leaving a crease. However, the South Korean company experienced manufacturing issues, which delayed the release of the flexible screen.

Still, Samsung pushed ahead with the concept, and in 2013 they displayed another prototype foldable phone. This was called Youm. The display was made of thin plastic and it was supposedly near-unbreakable. However, this never reached the market either.

We saw the next-best thing, the Galaxy Round, in 2013. Since then, Samsung has released various devices with curved edges, including the Galaxy Note Edge, but none with a foldable phone. The Galaxy X is Samsung’s latest foray into the foldable screen arena. And if the rumours are true, it will be Samsung’s first foldable smartphone in the market and will be available for purchase before the end of the year.


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