Samsung Gear S Smartwatch Does Not Need A Smartphone For Calls and Internet Access

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Samsung has announced the Gear S, a smartwatch that has a network radio that offers 3G connectivity. Yes; the Gear S can function without needing to be paired with a smartphone for calls and internet access. The Gear S has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, USB 2.0, a 2-inch Super AMOLED curved display, and is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 512 MB RAM, and has an internal storage of 4 GB.

Samsung Gear S

Instead of Android OS, it is powered by Tizen OS. While that might sound like an odd choice, considering that Tizen has nothing close to the number of apps available on Android, the truth really is that how many things can anyone execute on the tiny 2-inch display of a smartwatch? Plus, Tizen has been said to be far more power-efficient than Android OS, so the choice of Tizen OS might not be a bad one really.

OS, apps and power efficiency aside, though, one has to wonder how convenient executing tasks directly on a smartwatch would be. For example, how does a user quick edit a calendar notification or respond to an SMS? Sure, there is an on-screen QWERTY Keyboard. But I am thinking of typing on that 2-inch display, and my head is shutting down at it all. It is hard enough typing on a 4-inch display…. Unless the Samsung Gear S has a tactile projected display that users can type comfortably with, I really don’t know.


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