The battle against Apple just got turned up a notch as the popular Korean manufacturer of mobile phones Samsung recently hired Tongue, a marketing company

Samsung (No; RIM) hires people to protest in front of an Apple store – Updated

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wake up image by samsung

The battle against Apple just got turned up a notch as the popular Korean manufacturer of mobile phones Samsung recently hired Tongue, a marketing company to go in front of an Apple store carrying placards bearing the message “Wake up” and chanting.

The protesters arrived in a black bus that had the Wake Up text printed on both its sides. Apparently the battle has passed the level where the two giants throw subtle jabs at each other in adverts and now is a full blown attack.

The only guess that comes to mind as to why Samsung would do this is to maybe gain extra publicity in lieu of their possible May 3 unveiling of the next flagship Galaxy device, the Galaxy SIII. Samsung has a dedicated website set up that has a countdown which you can check out here

What do you make of this move by Samsung?


RIM Australia has since issued a statement claiming responsibility for this protest:

“We can confirm that the Australian ‘Wake Up’ campaign, which involves a series of experiential activities taking place across Sydney and Melbourne, was created by RIM Australia. A reveal will take place on May 7th that will aim to provoke conversation on what ‘being in business’ means to Australians.”



  1. (
    What do you make of this
    move by Samsung?

    it appears Samsung is learning fast . From Nigeria.

    A country where you can hire professional criers for burials; antagonists / protagonists for ANY course, no matter how absurd / bizarre!

    The cut_throat competition between these two tech_giant is reaching truly absurd proportions!

  2. Eye.bee.kay

    You mean Nigerians learned this from the Asians surely. The Chinese have specialised in doing this for years, so this move by the Koreans does not surprise me at all.

    What I admire (unlike in the Nigerian scenario) is their very “orderly” way of protesting – now THAT is fascinating to observe!

  3. Samsung is taking this bitter feud to another level. Methinks you do not need to show “gra gra” to be “cool”. Coolness is in the form factor. The delivery. The acceptance. The feel of the gadget….

    Tough I don’t blame Samsung sha. They are doing very well themselves. Their last quarter was so sweet. So unlike Nokia and RIM…

  4. The war ain’t stopping anytime soon I guess. @brym, I saw that ad earlier and knew it was directed at iPhone users too. The truth is that Samsung doesn’t need this anymore since its know the no 1 phone manufacturer and even shipped more smartphones than apple too. So they are leading in all right now which they truly deserve.
    The ad may be too direct, but let’s face it , some iPhone users truly need to wake ESP for users in countries like ours. Apple restricts you in every way while Samsung gives you freedom to share and do whatever you want with your phone.

  5. True words, Belushi. The restrictions in iOS is really subtle, yet glaring. If I could use those two contrasting words that still rings true nevertheless. I just hope Apple loosens up a bit with the iOS 6 version that will be released this summer!

  6. Well, what more can we say? The fight is on in higher places between the god and lucifer over the souls of we mortals…..
    But who is the god and who is the lucifer in this case? Both different aspects of the same smartphones omneity.

    One thing we definitely would not see and which separates this from the Nigerian Rent-A-Crowd shows is the fight during money sharing after the demonstrations 😀

  7. Sorry to digress, but can anyone tell me why my posts are showing on this blog as posted from Avant Browser on Windows 7? I am using Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7

  8. samsung tactic is very necessary,aimed at weakening and confusing Apple.The best defense is tobe on the offensive.pure military wisdom from ancient China.Apple may have peaked?
    Open your Os now or face a +G decline

  9. At the end of the day, Samsung had no hand in this..
    RIM has actually owned up.

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