Samsung is the new Nokia: Ships more smartphones than the next four vendors combined in Q1 2014

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This was Nokia some four to five years ago – shipping enough smartphones and phones to beat back next few vendors behind it combined. Dateline 2014, and the bad guy is called Samsung. IDC reports that in the first quarter of 2014, Samsung had shipped more smartphones than the next four vendors combined. That’s Apple, Huawei, Lenovo and LG combined.

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Oh, we hope that you note how three two of the top five vendors are Chinese? Yes; mobile phone innovation moved to China. The day is coming when the very top two vendors will be Chinese. Take our words for it.


  1. Was it an omission or what? I noticed that NOKIA is not even spotted on the chart? This tech business na ogbanje business o!
    For real, what this tells me is that with Nigeria’s population, if we get things right, a tech company from here can rule the charts in the next 15-20 years!

  2. This chart only tells us half the story, according to this chart Apple sells expertly half of all phones Samsung sells (Dumb and Smart) 15.5% vs 30.2% of all phones internationally. This doesn’t make them a Nokia who had at least 65% of the worldwide market until 2007. Forbes published market value of the Samsung and Apple reveal a lot more Apple is valued at $416.62 B while Samsung is valued at $174.39 B including television, fridge and air conditioner sales. Samsung is winning the numbers game but with Apple entering Samsung’s space with larger phones later this year things might change.


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