Samsung might follow Apple and start leasing out phones too

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Remember when Apple launched their latest iPhone’s they also introduced a new kind of leasing program. With this program in place, iPhone users can get new phones directly from Apple without passing through the carriers. All they need do is pay a specified monthly fee over a given period of time.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge curved display

Reports from Forbes, claim that Samsung is planning to launching a similar service for their phones. The source also say, Samsung plans to roll out the service in coming months. Normally carriers in the U.S subsidize the price of high-end phones but then, they tie users down to a 2 year contract.

With the new Apple plan in place, users are no longer tied to any carrier, and they have the freedom to switch carriers as they please. Remember that sales of the latest Samsung flagships isn’t so spectacular, and they recently tried to entice iPhone users with a 30-day trial. It will be interesting to see how the Samsung version of this program would look like.


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