Samsung Mobile Nigeria caught tweeting from an iPhone

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This kind of thing is always sensational. Tweeting from a competitor’s product is not the unpardonable sin. Getting caught is. And Samsung Mobile Nigeria has been caught tweeting from an iPhone.

Who was the sleuth that caught this? None other than Marques Brownlee.

Another Tweep, Luca Hammer, did some digging that claims that 331 of the last 3,200 tweets from that handle were posted with an iPhone. Many of those tweets were supposedly from 2017. So it looks like this has been going on for a while it seems.

Samsung Mobile Nigeria tweeting from an iPhone since 2017?

samsung mobile nigeria caught tweeting from an iphone

I cannot imagine the crisis-level damage control that is going on right now. Brands have a distaste for this kind of thing. Getting caught tweeting from an iPhone must be particularly distasteful for Samsung Nigeria execs.

Still, it isn’t the end of the world. These things happen and life will go on. The tweet in question has been deleted.

About Samsung Mobile Nigeria

Samsung smartphones have had a fairly good run in Nigeria over the years, especially in the absence of Nokia smartphones. But that absence left a vacuum that Samsung has been unable to fill, and which brands like TECNO, Infinix and itel have worked to fill.

As such, the Korean brand has continued to see its smartphone marketshare slowly eroded by those three brands owned by Transsion. In terms of feature phones, Samsung Mobile has been beaten hands down in the Nigerian market. Will it be able to fight off Transsion’s 3 musketeers?

The scandal today has to do with Samsung tweeting from an iPhone. Will there come a day when Samsung Mobile Nigeria’s Twitter handle will be caught tweeting from a TECNO or Infinix smartphone? You tell me.

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