Guess who made the first phone with AMOLED screen – Samsung or Nokia?

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If you were asked the above question, what would be your answer? Its easy to say Samsung. After all those guys have been hard at work making innovations releasing new stuff at breath taking paces sometimes you wonder if they sleep at all.

samsung vs nokia

Oh, well. This was the one time Nokia beat them to it. Nokia was the first to manufacture and release a phone with an AMOLED screen. That phone was the Nokia N85, launched in August 2008, and released early October that same year It was 2.6-inch screen phone with 240 x 320 pixels, running Symbian a 5 MP autofocus back camera with Carl Zeiss lens. This was a boss as at that time.

Nokia N85

The first Samsung device to sport an AMOLED screen was the Samsung i7110 announced late October 2008, and was available around February 2009. Both devices share many things in common. Same Symbian software, same 2.6-inch AMOLED screen with same 240 x 320 pixels. The Samsung came with a different form factor (See image below).


It’s good to note that these two devices weren’t touchscreen devices, and that the AMOLED screens succeeded OLED screens by having faster response times while consuming less power.


  1. Hi, you meant N85. hmm Symbian nostalgia. I can’t forget the N73, it’s one of the best candy bar phone I used.

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