Samsung is outsourcing production of more smartphones to Chinese partners

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If you have wondered why Samsung Mobile has generally found it difficult to match your favourite Chinese brands in pricing, it is largely because most Samsung smartphones are manufactured outside of China. It is much more cost-effective to manufacture in China than it is elsewhere on the planet, and Chinese brands are riding that wave hard. As has been addressed earlier, if you want smartphones that are not made in China, you have to be ready to pay more.

Where does Samsung produce its phones? Mostly in its factories in Vietnam, South Korea, and India, with some production happening in China. To offer more competitively-priced products, the Korean company is outsourcing some of its newer A-series models to production partners in China.

Samsung phones

A Korean publication, TheElec, reports that the models being outsourced to Joint Development Partners (JDMs) in China are the Galaxy A03, the A03s, the A03 core, and the A22 5G. Not all units of each of these models will be produced by JDMs; just enough to help the company lower the unit cost and so offer more competitive prices in the market.

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