Lagos, Nigeria – (May 23, 2012) – Samsung and Spinlet hosted a collaborated launch party for the Samsung Galaxy Pocket today as part of the

Samsung Partners Spinlet to Launch Galaxy Pocket Smartphone

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Lagos, Nigeria – (May 23, 2012) – Samsung and Spinlet hosted a collaborated launch party for the Samsung Galaxy Pocket today as part of the high profile, on-going Industry Nite series that attracted music and entertainment execs at the Lagos Oriental Hotel.

The mobile music download and streaming application company, Spinlet, partnered with Samsung Electronics to launch the brand’s new Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 in Nigeria. The Galaxy Pocket come with a preinstalled Spinlet application loaded with five songs and enough credit for consumers to purchase five additional songs from the massive music catalogue available through the Spinlet app.

The partnership of the recently launched cloud based service, Spinlet, and one of the forerunners in digital design and technology, Samsung, allows for a ground-breaking opportunity for consumers to enjoy their favourite music on an advanced new smart phone with TouchWiz UI multi-tasking and Wi-Fi capabilities.

The market for digital music in Africa has been untapped by any of the major music services to date. This opened the door for the partnership with Samsung to once again be a trendsetter. The Spinlet model allows independent musicians and bands in Africa to sell their music alongside other more prominent artists in Africa and from around the world. Spinlet also provides artists with tools to better understand their fan base and interact with them through social media.

Shasha P, Samsung Brand Ambassador being flanked on the right by Olumide Ojo, Head, Hand Held Products and Changarampatt Manoj, Business Leader, both officials of Samsung Electronics West Africa during the launch of Samsung Galaxy Pocket in partnership with Spinlet, the mobile music download and streaming application company, at the Lagos Oriental Hotel on Wednesday 23, 2012.

By providing the application pre-installed, Samsung significantly increases the amount of listeners and potential buyers of these artists’ music. “In a country riddled by piracy, the free streaming and pay per download model that Spinlet and Samsung are providing to the market really helps create value in fans eyes and a revenue stream for artists,” says Eric Idiahi, Spinlet Chairman.

According to Daesong Ra, Business Manager, Mobile Division Samsung Electronics West Africa, “Our proposition offers consumers a smart phone experience that is not only affordable but ‘Clearly Different, Clearly Smart.’” The Samsung Galaxy pocket comes packed with over 400,000 free apps, faster internet connectivity at an amazing retail price of N18,900. In addition, consumers on the MTN network can enjoy 1 month free of internet data to experience these exciting smart phone solutions.

About Spinlet: Spinlet is a lifestyle entertainment company focused on meeting the needs of music lovers allowing them to buy, listen, share, and manage music all within afree user friendly mobile platform. The application is currently launched and available throughout Nigeria.

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  1. A good move by Samsung and Spinlet. When you consider the huge market that sale of digital music is at Computer Villager in Ikeja, you want to believe that selling music online has a huge potential here but apart from people using Blackberry, especially those on Etisalat network, a good percentage Nigerians using the service first would be met with a rude shock.

    Most of them might not know that apart from the cost of those music tracks that they also need to pay data traffic that enables the transaction in the first place.

    I could remember a lady hearing that Bible for Java enabled feature phones is free on the internet, went and did a little search with the name of the Bible app, found the site hosting it and proceeded with the download.

    Well the download stopped midway into the process and she could seem to continue or restart it. She gave up eventually but the shock came when she tried placing a call and was informed she does not have credit on her account. Over N1000 balance she had before attempting that unsuccessful download just varnished. This was in the era of 55k/KB of data.

  2. Any service that involves buying soft WARES / goods online may have a difficult hurdle to overcome here in Nigeria. Streaming services are prime.

    As Harry said, unless you are on an unlimited data plan (Blackberry / Etisalat), it may sometimes cost you more in data than the item you want to dowload ITSELF..

    Right now, 1 megabyte data is about N5 averagely in Nigeria on nonblackberries…

    Data costs need to come down lower to encourage wholesale adoption of SOFT online services…

  3. I downloaded the spinlet app yesterday just to give it a spin. World class UI. It quickly scanned my sdcard for all my songs and arranged them into artist, albums, songs e.t.c.
    However, other than the issue of data while streaming or trying to purchase songs using the app, the payments option isnt quite easy. You need to buy credits, which you will in turn use in purchasing the songs. Now, i checked for how to buy this credit and its no where to be found both on the app and in the play store. How could you spend money in designing such a beautiful app and forget about informing the proposed app users on how to get their purchases done on the app?

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