Is Samsung planning to start selling refurbished phones?

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Rumor has it that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd plans to launch a new program soonest. This will enable them sell refurbished used versions of their flagship smartphones. Starting early 2017, the electronics giant will start selling the phones to various markets.

As reported by Reuters, Samsung will repair and package high-end phones returned by customers who signed up for upgrade programs in South Korea and the U.S. The phones will be sold at a lower price. This is move maximize costs and sustain their growth in the smartphone market.

It’s still not clear, which markets these phones will be sold, how much will they be sold, or how many devices will be refurbished. We do hope that Samsung brings this to the Nigerian market. Apple is doing a something similar, refurbishing phones and selling them at cheaper rates in U.S and India. Would you buy a refurbished phone from Samsung?


  1. I like buying refurbished phones, as its always same with new ones.

    The fairly used Tecno I bought some months back is still cool and smart.

    Thanks for this post. I will commend; I like this blog.

    My first time being here though!!!

  2. Others are selling their phones refurbished, maybe Samsung wants to get in on the action. I’m sure they’ll do it via a reseller rather than directly. Even then, other resellers may sell the same thing at a better price.

    The good thing is that they’re not consigning working phones to the heap of unbiodegradable waste.

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