Samsung plans high-end Tizen smartphones in 2016

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Tizen OS has been on a roll in recent times, with an analytics firm even claiming that it has pushed back BlackBerry OS. So far, it has been available only on low-end, budget hardware. Samsung Vietnam has published a post to say that the company will move the platform up and put Tizen OS in high-end smartphones in 2016.

Tizen change things up

What I think? Bring it on! The more, the merrier.

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  1. Might not be successful.

    Os is not so popular with high-end users.

    People will rather go for iOS, blackberry or android

  2. no, it’s not. it’s based on MeeGo. Samsung Tizen devices run TouchWiz UI, maybe that’s where the confusion comes from

  3. With the might of Samsung behind Tizen really the sky could be the limit,with Samsung’s quest for vertical integration of their Smartphone ecosystem a major factor in pushing Tizen development..

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