Samsung pushing BadaOS more; HTC eyeing own OS

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The fallouts of Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility are already being seen – as expected. This is all the more pertinent since Google has made it clear that the purchase was not just about Motorola’s patents.

Samsung are investing more in their own OS, BadaOS. Not to be left out, HTC are also considering buying their own OS, though no concrete steps have been taken in that direction.

As I suspected, all those public statements of solidarity were just PR. The game has changed, and individual manufacturers must adjust.

  1. Should it really matter to a device manufacturer what OS its devices run (as long as the OS has widespread acceptance and enough software)?Why do Dell, Acer, Lenovo and others NOT develop their individual desktop OS?

    I have always maintained that hardware manufacturers are better off concentrating on hardware, and making it possible to port ANY OS onto their device – like in the desktop world.

    This is already happening and should be encouraged more.

  2. The game has really changed. Google’s Android OS platform cannot get as much devotion from OEMs as they have been getting. That’s so easily fathomable, considering they are now direct competitors to their partners following the acquisition of Motorola.

    The events of the next coming months in the mobile sphere is now guided. There are now so many combinations and permutations. No one can predict anything with any certainty. Even Gartner may need to eat their words if they make any far reaching predictions. One manufacturer’s affiliation today may become a glaring rival tomorrow.

    And through it all, only Microsoft now stands alone as the company that makes only mobile softwares. What they need to do is to open their OS a little like Android and it may become the greatest OS.

    As for HTC, I hope they buy WebOS so as to keep the field open and more competitive!

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