If the manufacturer is able to remotely deactivate your smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is an awesome piece of engineering. Beautifully crafted, inside and outside. Something to aim and yearn for, until the recent mishap. Some Note 7 units started blowing up on its users. Reports of explosion came from different parts of the world, some airports have already placed a ban on the device. Samsung is asking users to return their devices for replacement.

remotely deactivate Galaxy Note 7

Can Samsung remotely deactivate Devices?

In a new twist, a report online claims that Samsung threatens to deactivate all Note 7 units if they are not returned by September 30th. An excerpt from the report:

According to French Redditor LimboJr, Samsung representatives mentioned during a phone call that they will be taking matters into their own hands, ensuring there are no defective Galaxy Note devices out there. It seems the phone maker plans to remotely deactivate all affected smartphones by September 30th, which means you will have to get it exchanged… or live with an amazingly expensive paper weight.

This might not be the case in all markets. Nevertheless, the whole idea is that users return their phones for replacement. Curious me is asking questions. Was that threat real? Could Samsung actually remotely deactivate all unreturned Galaxy Note 7 units? Honestly, empty threat or not, I’m not comfortable with the fact that such a thing could happen.

Samsung has since refuted and denied that any of such will happen, though they said “further guidance” will be published on their website. Whether you now believe them or not is up to you.

Matters Arising

So, the Samsung Note 7 issue aside, imagine a situation where your smartphone is remotely deactivated. Your smartphone instantly becomes a metal slab in your hands. That’s a device that you paid money for. Should any manufacturer have the power to do that? What do you make of this? Your thoughts.

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