2018 was a year of excellence with some incredible phone releases. For instance, the iconic Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched in 2018, and it was

What is so special about the new Samsung S10 phone

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2018 was a year of excellence with some incredible phone releases. For instance, the iconic Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched in 2018, and it was among the most popular smartphones of that year. But as usual, an upgrade of the S9 is expected in 2019, and it will happen when the year is still fresh.


The much anticipated Samsung S10 is expected to be launched on February 20, and there is a lot that users will experience from the S10. Tech experts believe this new phone will be a hit, and it’s all because of what it will offer to the users.

We will be telling you just how and why the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a special phone this year. Here is what you should expect from the phone.


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Advanced Design/Display


First off, you should know that the Samsung S10 series will come in three models so far. This includes the S10E, S10, and S10+. All the three models will come with infinity, edge-to-edge displays. This is better than the S9 display and other Galaxy S series models.

Furthermore, there are hole-punch cutouts for two front-facing cameras. The back comes with three camera lenses that are horizontally placed, along with a single flash. This little beast is ready to make your photography incredible.


The top and bottom bezels are thin enough to give you a perfect display, which seems better than the S9’s display.


Wi-Fi 6

The Samsung S10 is expected to be among the first devices to come with the new WiFi 6 standard. This means that you’ll get a faster WiFi connection with the device. But it doesn’t imply that it will automatically increase the WiFi speed.


Unfortunately, it is hard to find a Wi-Fi 6 compatible router. So yes, you might not find the Wi-Fi feature helpful now, but it will keep you ready for the future.


The Samsung S10 Camera

The S10 and S10 Plus will both have three back cameras, while the S10 E will have two back cameras. On the other hand, the S10 Plus is the only one that has two front-facing cameras, while the S10 and S10 E come with a single selfie camera.

The S10 will have a similar 12MP variable aperture lens like that of S9. There’s also the 16MP wide-angle lens with a 123-degree field of view. It doesn’t have an auto-focus or optical image stabilization.


However, there is a new camera feature called the Artistic Live Focus, which is not found in S9. This feature will better the control over the background blur level in a photo. You also enjoy a more creative use of short or motion video.

Samsung Galaxy s10 plus onleaks

Samsung S10 Unique Features

Samsung brings in a native cryptocurrency wallet in their Galaxy S10 model. It’s expected that S10 will come with a Samsung Blockchain KeyStore that currently only supports Etherium. However, the digital wallet may support more cryptocurrencies after the launch of the phone.


If you thought Galaxy S9 was your ideal health partner, wait till you use S10. This model is expected to have better health apps. Word has it that S10 will come with an app that can determine your skin type and suggest recommendations to reduce the sun exposure.

It’s believed that the phone will gather photos of different parts of the body to determine your specific type of skin. After the skin type is registered on the phone, you will get regular tips on how to keep the skin safe and healthy. It will also measure your ideal UV exposure.

Massive Storage


If you are crazy about the storage of a device, you won’t have to worry at all when you have the Samsung S10. This phone has massive storage that is more reliable than the predecessor, Galaxy S9. It is expected that the Galaxy S10 will back an incredible 1TB drive.

Samsung had announced that it would be producing 1TB drives for their future smartphones. The Samsung S10 is expected to be the first phone to pack 1TB storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 came with a 512GB, which was one of the largest internal storage for a smartphone. But S10 will double that and offer 1TB internal storage.


Maximum Security

The security feature of a smartphone is one of the things that people look out for. You want a phone that will secure your identity and prevent any unauthorized access. In this case, most smartphones come with a fingerprint sensor. The Galaxy S9 had it too.

But things are a little different from the S10. Last year, it was reported that the forthcoming Samsung S10 would use Qualcomm’s third-generation ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor.


In other words, the sensor will be on the screen and appear like a floating menu. The sensor on S10 is expected to capture 3D fingerprint data. This means that it will offer higher accuracy and better security.

It’s also expected that the Galaxy S10 will come with a 3D-sensing camera tech. This will also prevent fake IDs and better the phone’s security.

5G Network


The 4G network is super fast itself, and it is way better than the old-fashioned, but still decently-fast, 3G network. But imagine what an experience it would be to have a network that’s better than 4G? Yes, the Samsung S10 X is expected to come with a dedicated 5G network chip. The S10 X is larger with a 5.7-inch screen and would cost higher than the 4G Galaxy S10 phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 X

There is more to learn about the Samsung Galaxy S10 models here, here, and here. Also, you should be ready to spend a couple hundreds of dollars, as some models will go way beyond the $1000 mark.


But before the mighty Samsung S10 is officially launched, you can find other high-performance phones at bestreviews.guide/smartphones, where you can choose the one that suits you perfectly.

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