Samsung S8500 Wave sells 1 million units worldwide in 4 weeks

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Sales of Samsung’s first Bada OS device, the SuperAMOLED-packing S8500 Wave have exceeded 1 million units worldwide, just under four short weeks after its release.

That is sure impressive if you note that the first iPhone didn’t hit the 1 million mark in sales until after two months.


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  1. Samsung is really improving, with the western Europe lead of feature phones and the great sales figure for their first phone on proprietary OS (Bada) and not to mention Samsung Galaxy S that is showing up everywhere I personally believe that Samsung is what Nokia should be worried about and not Apple, because for iPhone to dominate in developing countries prices will have to come down or providers will have to subsidize it (my favorite).

    The point here is Samsung has impressed.

  2. Go Samsung, go. I’ve always known that this South Korean Company will be the world’s best soon. Samsung is the “Nokia Killer” If I could use that term!

  3. Nokia has taken a punch but is still standing. Samsung has to do much, more than just this to knock out Nokia. Nokia still rules. but kudos to Samsung all the same with this feat. But the question remains; Has anyone used the Samsung wave? Can anyone let us know more on th user interface. Is it made of the same stellar stuff you see and envision the ios4 and Android OS?

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