Samsung partners Blackberry, Xiaomi eyes even cheaper phones, and other news we missed last week

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With efforts to stay relevant in the mobile tech space, BlackBerry has teamed up with Samsung to make a ‘secure’ tablet called SecuTABLET. This tablet is targeted at enterprise customers and government agencies as it is claimed to secure whatever documents stored on it. Hopefully, the SecuTABLET will be launched this summer. Source

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand well known for making good quality high specc’d devices at very cheap prices. Last year they released the Redmi 2 for around $110 dollars. This time they’re set to make an even cheaper smartphone that should cost between $65 – $110. It’s just sad these guys aren’t officially available for purchase in Nigeria. Source

We’ve talked about the WhatsApp calling feature earlier, and truly some of us are already enjoying it. Mind you, this calling feature is still in beta stage and will gradually be rolled out to all users in various platforms. Here’s how to activate the calling feature:

Android Users:

  • Install this version of Whatsapp here. Or visit on your browser and download the apk from there.
  • Now look for someone who already has the feature activated to call you.
  • Once you successfully receive a first call, the calling feature will be activated for you and a new menu will appear on your WhatsApp. See screenshots:

Whatsapp call (2)-horz


  • Notice the new ‘Calls’ menu.
  • If you want yours activated you can drop your phone number in the comment box.

iOS Users:
Please note you must be jailbroken for this to work on your iPhone.

  • Download and install WhatsApp beta beta from here.
  • Add iMokholes to your list of Cydia sources. To do so, launch Cydia after installing WhatsApp and add the repository code “” to Cydia sources.
  • Install WhatsAppCallEnabler by entering the Settings of the app.
  • Now look for someone who already has the feature activated to call you.

There are also rumours that Facebook will make some wholesome changes to their app, like the ability to see and read News directly from the app without leaving it. Lets see how this turns out for them.

That’s all the important news you missed in the past week. Cheers.


  1. The WhatsApp call is still not smooth,maybe cos it is still in process
    Want something like fun call

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