It is not news that besides manufacturing phones, Samsung also builds many of the memory chips, processors, displays and other components that other mobile manufacturers

Samsung, the Mobile Industry Copycat?

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It is not news that besides manufacturing phones, Samsung also builds many of the memory chips, processors, displays and other components that other mobile manufacturers use. Some of Samsung’s clients have been Apple and Nokia. A feature by Apple Insider reports that just as Apple had to drop Samsung as a supplier of key mobile components, Nokia too may be considering same. And the reason is “potential conflicts of interest” AKA industrial espionage AKA photocopy.

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Back to the article, here is a quote that paints a sad picture:

The individual [industry insider] stated that Samsung has “a record of getting orders for next-gen components, then canceling the orders. And then they show up in a Samsung phone. When you see a Samsung (certain specialized new design for) OLED phone as you surely will, you are looking at something that was stolen from Nokia.”

These are serious allegations, and it saddens me to read them. If Samsung is really doing this, shame on them. If they are not, well….

Your thoughts on the whole drama?



  1. I read the article and didn’t his arguments that seemed to be based in semiconductor components that apple didn’t invent or own patents to.

    if it were design I can totally agree that Samsung trys to ride on its products being similar to the iPhone to attract attention. but the semiconductors orders is what I don understand as Samsung builds most of the components as generic parts, unless its the A5 or is A6 custom processor design that apple did that was a modification of ARM processors.

    I have read his article over 5 tines and I still fail to see his point. on Samsung copying Nokia I don’t understand it, Oled technology is not Nokia’s property, they even require Samsung that has been working on making it better with Amoled and Super amoled, am yet to see a Samsung phone that looks like a Nokia phone.

  2. I would have thought that the reason for dropping Samsung was that of lack of sales. I mean, Samsung is recognized as industry leader in some key component manufacturing and thus, their components ought to attract premium prices.

    Nokia dropping Samsung could very well have more to do with insolvency than the worry of their design being copied. I’m even wondering if Samsung will have much confidence in Nokia design being a commercial success that would merit copying in the first place. Samsung may be a copycat company but it can’t be denied that they are innovative too, given that they gave the world the phablet category of smartphones and also pioneered the current class of digital stylus.

    They are also helping immensely in contributing and standardizing the 4G and LTE mobile standards as much as they did with the mainstream 3G standards. By the way, it feels good to hear that Nokia still have ideas what copying by other companies. LOL.

  3. It’s evident that success has many enemies. In fact, no competitor would be happy that Samsung is dominating the smartphone industry with soar-away success. That’s why all sorts of malicious conspiracy theories are flying around in the name of ‘industry insider’.

    I have read the same article on Phone Arena and was not surprised when I found that the story originated from AppleInsider! What will rotten Apple and its fans not do to smear Samsung? And since Nokia, HTC and co are taking a hit from Samsung hurricane, they will also buy into any vendetta to pull Samsung down.

    Mr. Mo, beware of malicious articles like this, as they can misinform and mislead one into errors of judgement. You have even said ‘shame on you, Samsung’ without having evidence of the so-called ‘industrial espionage’. By the way, with Samsung an all-round manufacturer in technology, what ‘component’ will they ‘steal’ from Nokia, an only phone-making company? So ridiculous. That article stinks.

  4. I agree with the previous posts that this article should have been written only in the presence of adequate evidence against them. it is complete misinformation and if I didn’t see the name I would say Mister Mo would never write something like this. its not a good post in any ramification.

  5. Guys Guys! Read the article all over again, I don’t think Mister Mo has pulled up any direct judgement like you have said. It’s a conditional statement! C’mon, he made use of the word ‘if’

    Besides, he himself is not happy about the imported excerpt so how has he done any wrong?
    Also, how much more information do you need to give this article a thought?

  6. I think the idea that only Samsung copies / steals technology stinks.

    industrial espionage is as old as time idea worth its salt will ever go uncopied, after all imitation is the best form of flattery.

    it is particularly strange to suggest that Apple is taking its business elsewhere because of this factor.

    perhaps I don’t get it, but I fail to see the connection.

    Samsung does not actually need to copy anybody, orb shall technology, because they have all it takes to out_innovate almost everybody!

  7. My Take

    Samsung needs to work on/ re visit its Corporate Ethics and Conflict of Interest policies.

    There is no smoke without fire.

  8. People when you write a sentence and put a question mark at the end it means you are asking a question, just like the title of this article.

    We are not 100% sure but look at the first Galaxy S phone and the iphone 3GS and meditate on it. I rest my case

  9. I rather think big Sam is guilty of making hideous things like the Samsung Camera phone…and, well Phablets

  10. If they actually make an OLED phone that would be confirmation of their duplicity, and the beginning of their downfall.

  11. Well, history is repeating itself. We always have a way of hating on the companies at the top. When Microsoft rules the tech world, we hated them. Next was Apple, so much hate. Now it’s Samsung’s turn, so this is normal.
    I’m not saying Samaung didn’t copy neither am I saying the reverse. I don’t have evidence to back anything up. However, we should know that industrial espionage is ‘normal’. Companies will always copy each other. However, these Korean companies (Samsung, LG, Kia, Hyundai etc otherwise known as the cherbol) have found a way of striking a balance between China outright ripoff and the west more subtle espionage.
    One of the easiest way of knowing a technology is ‘stolen’ is the cost of implementation. Because much money wasn’t spent on R&D, however, this is not an all inclusive assumption.
    We should note here that a technology can be stolen through the mode of implementation, not only by ‘copy and paste’.
    Before we really understand the bone of contention with these companies against Samsung is blanket immunity Samsung enjoys in Korea. Samsung’s budget affects the economy of that country, so the company has a huge influence on the country…in other words, Samsung is untouchable in South Korea.
    As for me, I really don’t give 2 flying f…. if Samsung is ripping them off, I love their products and the way they implement their tech. I respect intellectual property rights but, these big coys should not hold us ransome just because they spent billions on something, who send them?
    By the way, I’m waiting for when Samsung will ripoff Google’s android fully when they launch a matured Tizen.

  12. Yes, Apple is the new copy cat, always been the industry copy cat. Happy now?

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