A new set of reports claim that Samsung plans to refurbish the Galaxy Note 7 units and push them back in the market. Recall that after the…

Samsung and reports of refurbished Galaxy Note 7

A new set of reports claim that Samsung plans to refurbish the Galaxy Note 7 units and push them back in the market. Recall that after the explosion episodes, the electronics giant managed to recall about 90% of the handset. They ran specialized tests with 200,000 units to determine the actual cause of the explosions. With that concluded, they plan to refurbish the phone and sell it again.note 7


The act of refurbishing in this sense, involves replacing the battery with a smaller 3200 – 3000 mAh one. Apparently, battery was the cause of the former explosions. Other necessary parts will also be replaced, as claimed by the report. Samsung still have over 2.5 million units in their inventory, all of which can benefit from this.

Relaunching this phone is big risk. Already, the company has lost a bit of reputation after the explosion and recalling issues. Many countries, and organisations have banned the device, so selling it might be a problem. Samsung is advised to drop the Note nomenclature, but they have persisted, as we hear of an upcoming Note 8 later this year.


For their own good, they can recover some of the money lost through  the recall. This move will also save costs, compared to if they were to recycle all the recalled units. Samsung hopes to push the refurbished phones to emerging markets like India, and Vietnam. Areas where discounted prices will work in their favour. The first set of phones will be announced probably before June.



UPDATE: 22/02/2017

Samsung has denied the above report claiming that they plan to refurbish and sell the Galaxy Note 7. A spokesman representing Samsung India said,

“The report on Samsung planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in India is incorrect.”

So until we actually see this happen, let us believe that the report is false. We eagerly anticipate the Galaxy S8/ Galaxy S8+ to see what they have to offer.

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  1. I would have thought it best they abandon the Note nomenclature all together or at least blot the Note 7 from consumer consciousness. It’s also mildly irritating that they intend to relaunch the refurbished line in emerging markets – because they don’t mind shit (excellent) product with (shit)issues?

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