Samsung’s Safety Truck takes the road experience to a new level

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If you have ever travelled and had to take one of those single-lane (face-me-I-face-you) roads and found yourself behind a truck, you know the odd dance – inch out, drop right back, again and again – that you had to do trying to check for oncoming vehicular traffic in order to determine when to overtake the truck.

Well, Samsung got innovative and came up with something. The saying that a photograph speaks a thousand words is apt here. Have a look:

Samsung Safety Truck

How this was pulled off? Easy: a camera at the front of the truck is connected to an electronic display mounted on the rear of the truck. It is so simple that you have to wonder why it hasn’t been done till now. Aaaaah! Something tells us that perhaps the extra cost of fixing up a truck like this might have something to do with that.

Samsung’s Safety truck was a demonstration, but hopefully, we will see this on production vehicles over time. In the meantime, enjoy this video of the rigged truck in action:


  1. it’s not wn innovation per se, it’s based on Art Lebedev’s Transperentius concept. it’s also unlikely to become a reality due to commercial viability/cost implications, big screens are expensive. Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication is a much better idea

  2. Mobility blog issue. You post a link, it is either degraded or pointed back at the same Mobility site.

    I wouldn’t know if it is an error, or a deliberate thing…

  3. EyeBeeKay,

    When you say ‘degraded’, how do you mean?

    As for links pointing back to Mobility, any URL you post without the ‘http://’ bit will point back to the very site you posted it on. Don’t leave out that bit of code.

  4. Its not a new invention/invocation, 50 cent has a screen at the back of one of his Hummer jeep (back in the “get rich or die trying” days), except his version only shows musical videos n strip girls. lolz

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