If Mark Zuckerberg was Nigerian, SARS would have killed him or his dreams. That summarizes the situation that young people in tech in Nigeria have

SARS Police Unit: Threat To Nigeria’s Nascent Tech Ecosystem

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If Mark Zuckerberg was Nigerian, SARS would have killed him or his dreams. That summarizes the situation that young people in tech in Nigeria have been facing for years as officers of SARS Police unit go about brutalizing and generally violating the rights of young men they find carrying a laptop or smartphone.

SARS Police Unit

In Lagos and in many towns and cities across Western, Mid, Eastern and Southern Nigeria, all you have to do to get shot or whisked away by a special anti-robbery squad (SARS) of the police is be young and have a smartphone or laptop on you. In a country where young people are pulling themselves up by their boots to create tech-enabled solutions, SARS is a big problem to Nigeria’s vibrant tech space.

On a typical day, an unmarked car or bus pulls up and armed men clad in black t-shirts jump out and order young men in sight to get into the vehicle. Often times, those who dare to ask why and where are brutalized and sometimes shot (with many fatalities). Many are often dragged away kicking and screaming.

Chances are that if a young man goes missing, he has fallen into the hands of the men of the SARS Police unit and is currently locked up somewhere after being framed for armed robbery or after a summarily execution by same men.

The Impunity Of SARS Officers

The impunity of SARS officers knows no limits.

People are accosted at random by these often illiterate, uncouth men of the Nigeria Police. Smartphones and laptops are searched (illegally, of course), and even when no incriminating evidence is found, innocent people are offered their freedom if they will part with a substantial amount of cash, without which they are blackmailed with trumped up charges, and sometimes killed.

The refrain of SARS officers is, “I will waste (kill) you and nothing will happen”. And true to how things stand, oftentimes, nothing happens. SARS officers hardly ever face the law. The Police authorities often make excuses for their excesses.

In a country with a fast growing tech scene, the modus operandi of SARS is a nightmare for young people everywhere who are aspiring to make something out of technology.

When a SARS team whisks a person away, there is often no record of the arrest. The kidnapped youngsters are blackmailed and required to pay hefty sums of money to regain their freedom. Some victims are driven to an ATM to withdraw cash for the rogue officers. There are victims who have testified of being forced to make electronic transfers to private accounts by SARS officers. These are not made up stories. Here is a tweet with evidence presented:

Amnesty International Report On The SARS Police Unit

In 2016, Amnesty conducted an investigation into the activities of SARS operatives in Nigeria and corroborated all of the above.

The 2016 report by Amnesty International paints a grim picture. Here are a few excerpts:

“SARS officers are getting rich through their brutality. In Nigeria, it seems that torture is a lucrative business”.

SARS detainees are held in a variety of locations, including a grim detention centre in Abuja known as the ‘Abattoir’, where Amnesty International found 130 detainees living in overcrowded cells.

Some Video Evidence Of SARS Brutality

Here are a few videos recorded by brave souls. Usually, the average SARS officer gets even more violent should someone attempt to do any sort of recording of their activities.

This year, the World Internal Security and Police Index ranked the Nigeria Police force as the worst in the world. The average Nigerian will concur. SARS is the worst manifestation of sordid state of affairs of the Nigeria Police in general.

The Crime of Being Young And Techy In Nigeria

There is nowhere in the world where it is a crime to be young or to own a laptop or smartphone. It certainly is not a crime in Nigeria. But the criminal officers of SARS regularly act with brazen impunity to make life hellish for young Nigerians.

If Mark Zuckerberg Was Nigerian

Someone aptly summarised the situation this way:

You only have to be young and living in Nigeria to know how close home this rings.

PS: You can read the full Amnesty report on SARS HERE.

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  1. This is a disgrace to our Nation, those that are supposed to be our protectors, are the ones threaten our lives in this country. I wonder if there will be changes in Nigeria

  2. I sort of have another (not different) slant on this.

    We are all angry and shouting about the brutality of the SARS people. But how about the brutality of those governing us, killing us softly, relegating many to perpetual poverty, destroying the future of the youths through restricted access to education, making life hellos holy difficult through wrong prioritization and misappropriation of funds, etc ? .

    Which is worse… direct brutality /extortion of a few by few , or the mass pauperization and psychological brutalization of the teeming masses through multiple taxation, etc?

    When last did a Governor owing months of salaries get confronted when he takes it into his dumb head to buy SUVs for people whose compounds are already littered with exotic cars and can afford to buy new vehicles every two months if they so wish,?

    Have we massively called for the forced extradition of the Diezanni ‘s or openly rejected the tacit deal of non prosecution of the principal thieves of the past administration? Those thieves have brutalized us all, massively, in more potent ways than the SARS tokenist physical approach to oppression.

    Shouting about SARS is good, but I think a more panoramic approach to our ‘tolerance for bullshit’ is far better!

  3. Oga sir. We do something about the things we can do something about. If you haven’t noticed, Nigerians tend to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make do with whatever they have in their situation. SARS is a direct impediment to that.

    Government corruption and ineptitude are things we can survive with grit and hustling. But when our hustle is threatened by these robbers in uniform it hits our survival in a more primal, direct, intrinsic way.

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