How to save Battery life on Your Windows 10 device

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Battery life is key on smartphones. This is perhaps an overflogged fact. We gadget users and lovers acknowledge the fact that good battery life is indispensable in our devices. Today, we share tips on how to conserve juice on Windows 10 devices. Windows 10 has a battery saver mode. Once set, brightness is reduced and notifications from apps are toned down. This might still not be enough to save battery for you. Here’s something else you can do to save battery on your Windows 10 device:

Windows 10 devices battery life

How to Save Battery Life on Windows 10 devices

  • Press Windows Button + X and selecting Control Panel from the options, or type in “Control Panel” into the search box.
  • Go to System and Security and select “Improve Power Usage”

Wiindows 10 Battery life

  • The system will run a check to find and fix issues with your device that causes battery to drain faster.

Windows 10 Battery lifeIf you’re not satisfied, another thing to do is change your Battery Mode. Essentially, Windows systems come with 3 default modes: Power Saver, Balanced, or High Performance. With this you can prioritize fast performance or longer battery life depending on your preference. You can change this by right clicking on the battery icon – see bottom right side of your PC. Then proceed to select the plan you want You can also set up your own plan and configure it as you please.

Lastly, simply reducing the brightness of your PC can conserve huge loads of energy. This gains you extra hours of use. Are there other tips you know of to conserve battery on Windows 10? Please do share.

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