Save data and storage using Facebook and Twitter

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If you need to save data and storage using Facebook and Twitter, there is a single app that does it nicely, so you can forget about juggling apps.

Save data and storage using Facebook and Twitter With Metal

We all know Facebook for Android app is heavy, sucks a lot of battery and RAM. It also uses a lot of data – our data conscious folks can confirm this. Metal is a client that supports Facebook and Twitter. The best thing with this app: It’s lightweight (less than 2 MB) and fast. Here some other things I discovered with this app:


Metal - Save data and storage using Facebook

More Reasons Why Metal Rocks

  • Easy Access from Notification Bar – There’s a persistent bar in the Notifications screen, helping to send you push messages.
  • The app looks good, featuring a beautiful material design.



  • It is completely free with no-ads.

The best thing about it all is that you also do not need an extra app like Messenger to chat with your friends. The Twitter side still needs a lot of work, though you can still share tweets. Download Metal from Google Play Store HERE.


  1. It rocks I just hate my phone slow and metal really boosted my Facebook and Twitter speed

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