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In Nigeria, words are indeed cheap (and getting cheaper by the day). However, data is anything but cheap.

One of the prime reasons why there is an explosion in the mobile browsing revolution is partly because the volume of data used in browsing websites on your mobile device is nowhere near the one used on your conventional desktop.You save tonnes of money browsing on your phone, rather than on your laptop.

Despite the increasingly big screens as well as very capable input methods offered by the mobile device manufactureres, browsing on a phone is generally not as convenient as doing so on your full-screened laptop.

Apart from reasons of true portability and power (a big headache in Nigeria), it is doubtful if anybody would prefer a full-fledged mobile phone over a PC/Laptop/Netbook for their browsing needs.

On practically evey available mobile OS platform, a server-assisted Java application like Opera Mini ensures that, with as little as 100/150 MB, you can have access to the internet round-the-clock for a whole month. The next logical quest would be – how can I enjoy the convenience and comfort of my full-sized desktop PC/LapTop, while at the same time, taking advantage of the data-compression abilities of an application like Opera Mini?

In other words, can I run Opera Mini on my Laptop? Yes; you can. The advantages are obvious and many. The disadvantages are there, but they are outnumbered by the advantages.

The point of this post is to highlight a method of enjoying the best of both worlds. By using a data-efficient mobile browser on a full-screened/keyboarded computing platform.

You can run any midlet (like the Opera Mini Browser) in a java-emulated environment on your PC/Laptop.

OperaMini On PC

I imagine that many people will appreciate the speedy webpage loads and ultra-high compression data rates offered by the ability to run midlet applications like Opera Mini, UC Browser, Snaptu, Bolt, and so on. So, let’s see how you can go about it in a few steps:

  1. All you need do this is ensure you have an internet connection (either through tethering [BlueTooth/Cable]) or via your USB Modem.
  2. Make sure your PC has Java Runtime Environment Installed. (Google
    “Java RunTime Environment”).
  3. Install The Java MicroEmulator. There is also a Portable Version of this.
  4. Have your Java Jad applications handy (e.g Opera Mini)

For specific instructions, (and in order not to needlessly reinvent extant wheels), visit the following link: How to use Opera Mini on Your PC

You can also ‘google’ or ‘bing’ for “run Opera Mini on PC”

The results should be enough to get you running your Opera Mini (and other Java Applets) on your laptop in all its panoramic glory, saving you bandwidth (also known as MONEY).


  1. I’ve learnt about emulators some times back on this site.
    The disadvantages I’ve observed are :
    No room for attachments / pics uploading in facebook.
    It is also not possible to copy text from editor mode and pasting in other packages on the pc.
    Also downloading dosen’t work .

  2. “The disadvantages I’ve observed are : No room for attachments / pics uploading in facebook. It is also not possible to copy text from editor mode and pasting in other packages on the pc. Also downloading dosen’t work .”

    @Kay123, one other disadvantage i have also observed is that the connection has to be refreshed periodically. Maybe it is me, but when using the emulator via bluetooth DUN, the connection cuts everynow and then after some period of inactivity.

    You can definitely cut and paste from and to other running applications. Check under advanced, keyboard settings -if using Opera Mini 5

    Asd regards ability to download, there are about three method of doing this emulation stuff. One of them downloads. do some research, and you will see

    it saves plenty of money on PC – for light browsing. I am not complaining!

    half bread is better than puff-puff

  3. Great post. I did not notice how much my data my pc was guzzling until I started browsing with my phone…which in turn made me wary of browsing with my pc at all. I generally find myself averaging data usage rates of 40 megabytes a day (no downloads) with pictures disabled and opera turbo active…compared to the 5 plus megs on my E63, using bolt and low res imaging. I’m definitely going to give this a whirl, see if I can stop worrying about my pc browser burning a hole in my pocket.

  4. After reading the commemts above about microemulator, I tried out another java emulator (Kemulator). I had a couple of issues:
    1. Typing from d keyboard wouldn’t work, i had to mouse out keys from d onscreen keyboard.
    2. Connecting to d network was hectic, i had to set proxies before it cld work
    3. I expected opera mini to display websites withoud d need for panning- entering ‘debug:’ in d address bar quoted a 1280 x 960 resolution-, i still had to zoom in at pages n pan.
    As Eyebeekay complained about uploading pictures, Facebook upload relys on Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and
    XML), operamini is not fit, even on phone. If you have also noticed, clickin on ‘older posts’ button returns you to d top of d page on facebook and its also a reason facebook chat does’t work.
    I’m still checking on other option, so imma update you.

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