To use Facebook in all network conditions, use Facebook Lite

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Facebook engineers have been hard at work in making their mobile app experience pleasant across all ranges of smartphones. Sometime last year, they conducted a research and results show that the normal Facebook app lagged on many phones, especially in mid-range and low end devices.

This pressed them to make a lightweight version of the app that uses less data and works in all network conditions. We tested it out and discovered it is quite functional. All features of the senior version is available here including chat. So you don’t even need the extra messenger app.

fb lite

I was even more shocked when this app sent me push notifications. Straight away, I proceeded to uninstalled both Facebook and Messenger – a combined 180MB!! If the normal Facebook app is giving you issues, then check out this Lite version. Highly recommended for Androids with 512MB-1GB RAM.

save data with facebook lite

Download Facebook Lite HERE

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  1. I don’t get push notification with it, but it really do cut down on data been using it since December 2014

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