Say Hello to the new Etisalat EasyStarter

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Etisalat has repackaged their popular EasyStarter product. The new package now combines a mix of various benefits, including free airtime, Homezone and Receiver Pays, among others.


Bonus-on-incoming Calls is another unique and first-of-its-kind offer in Nigeria. Customers get 1 free minute for every 3 minutes of calls they receive from other networks in Nigeria. They can use the free minutes they get to call any other network in Nigeria.

You & Me allows easy starter customers enjoy N300 “free credit” every week to call a loved one’s etisalat number anytime. All a customer has to do to enjoy this fantastic offer is to recharge with a minimum of N200 in a week and then register the Etisalat number of their ‘special person’ by dialling *233*1*etisalat number#. They will get the N300 worth of “free credit” during the week they recharged up to N200, to speak to the number they have registered. The credit can only be used to call the registered You & Me number. Validity period for the N300 credit is 7days.

Homezone allows you make calls for as low as N24/minute to all networks in the location you make most of your calls. Enjoy this benefit simply by dialing *242 # or call 242 at your preferred location. Change your homezone location by dialing *242# or calling 242 in the new preferred location. To check if you are in your homezone dial*243# and to query your homezone name *2430#. This service is open to only subscribers.

Receiver Pays is another innovation from Etisalat, Receiver Pays gives you the opportunity to have friends and family members pay for the calls you make to them. Receiver pays allows you make calls to anyone even without “credit”!


  1. Nice packages from etisalat.

    I just wonder how sweet it will be when a friend is on call with you for upwards of 30 minutes and you have to pay for the call on the Receiver Pay plan…..

  2. ‘and you have
    to pay for the call on the
    Receiver Pay plan’

    i suppose the receiver will be notified that the caller is requesting for him to pay. the he can choose to accept the liability or decline…

  3. Thats nice. Wonder what more goodies when the benefits of Main One fiber cable kicks in.

  4. I love competition it pays the consumer.

    Bonus-on-incoming Calls=== ETISALAT WINS here
    MTN has also stated N30 for every 5minutes received and u can use it to call on only MTN if you are on the MTN Happylink

    You and Me (Etisalat) VS My Best Friend===MTN wins here.
    if you are on MTN Funlink you can choose a person you will be able to call for free all weekend.

    I am impressed with what Etisalat has done, and I still wonder why MTN always wait for others b4 giving subscribers the best (remember per second billing.

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