This sexy new Infinix X507 is Hot and wants you to turn her on

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Following the success of the Infinix Zero, which came with decent specs and sold in droves. Infinix has followed that up with the Infinix Hot. The ‘Hot’ with model number X507 comes in different colors, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory with an option for extended storage via SD cards.

Infinix HotLovely isn’t it? 🙂

Here’s an image with a quick run down of specs

HOT spec

Its even more thrilling hearing rumors that that this sweet device would be priced for less than N15,000. With Innjoo also poke nosing with budget devices of their own, the battle for the low-end markets just got worse. All to the benefits of we- the consumers. Would you buy the Infinix Hot?



  1. This Device Is So Hot … It Is Cool.

    Now, This Is Insane Pricing.. For The Specs, If That Price Is On The Level, And Other Android Device Manufacturers Are In A Bloody War Where The Only Winner Is The Consumer..

  2. good buy for that amount seeing as the X506 with 8 GB ROM & 1 GB RAM sells for ~ 20000. hopefully we can have 1 GB RAM (and 16 GB ROM if that’s not asking for too much) as the basement for entry level (sub $100) devices, 512 MB RAM is one of the tortures of Hades (KitKat or no KitKat). funny naming convention though, X507 > X506 yet this seems to be a lower level device than the Zero (at least the 16 GB ROM & 2 GB RAM variant)

  3. This is a real revolution targeted towards Nigeria environment. The device is cool and awsome but my question is that is the x507 hd display?

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