Say Hello to USB On-The-Go on the Nokia N900

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usb otg n900

Thanks to an application called H-E-N, the Maemo-powered mobile computer, the Nokia N900, now has USB-On-The-Go functionality. And about time too.

USB On-The-Go allows users to connect USB drives, pendrive, storage drives, and other phones to the Nokia N900 and such devices are recognised as external drives. You can also use USB hubs to connect big drives and devices to the N900. That is just sweet.

USB on-the-Go on the N900 supports connection to USB drives with power consumption below 200mA.

The application is still under development, though, so you can expect errors. The project H-E-N homepage is at, if you are interested.

The N900 just became much more versatile with this! N900 users can now put that built-in 32GB of memory to better use. Can’t wait to see this out of development stage.



  1. Yes, this is a very good development. But I wouldn’t call it the power of open source, but rather of excellent third party application!

  2. If not for cost, I should go for the N900 here and now. but of course, the N8 is just round the corner. And it has better price/features/hard ware ratio to the N900 . And finally, its USB-on-the-go feature is manufacturer’s fitted. Inbuilt from the start!

  3. This is a must-die-for 3rd party app!
    Yomi, have you tried it on your N900?

  4. That a very good one for mobile computer like N900. Let build all the inbuild before i will get me own.

  5. The Nokia N900 is indeed a mobile computer with open source platform and excellent for geeks and heavy users. I have been all around the news on this phone ever since and i really like it.
    Another phone that has caught my attention is Nokia N8 comes with USB on the go and open source symbian 3.
    The next upgrade for my phone is this Dec and i think i will be going for the N8.
    As for the new iphone 4 it is more of a fancy toy that a phone.

    May i repeat at this point that the N900 is a super phone.

  6. Could be a 3G dongle attached and working in a N900, it is impotant in countries (like mine) were 3G work at 1900MHz UMTS that didnt work in n900.

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