Scenes Lifelike 3D headphones create a three-dimensional audio experience

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There has been a lot of attention paid to creating virtual reality in form of visual content. This has led to an equally fervent level of effort put into capturing and reproducing audio in 3 dimensions. Thus, products like the Scenes Lifelike 3D headphones have been created to do exactly that. This device is designed using microphones implanted into a pair of in-ear headphones to capture immersive three-dimensional audio.

Scenes Lifelike 3D is described as the world’s first 3D audio recording headset by the company. It works differently from normal recording devices, as it captures sound from the human listening perspective. This is in order to recreate how humans perceive sound, a process known as binaural recording. The headphones come with an omnidirectional microphone in each earbud. Each of these microphones capture a 180-degree hemisphere of sound, which combine to form a full 360-degree audio image.Scenes Lifelike 3D

When you listen to the resulting audio, each element gives the perception of filling a unique space in a vast soundstage. This could be a relatively affordable way to create immersive reproductions of the world around you with just your earbuds and phone.

Right now, the Scenes Lifelike 3D headphones are designed to only be compatible with iPhones and iPads. However, the company is offering a USB-based PC audio adapter. Right now, the company is raising money through Indiegogo, and the campaign lasts until the end of September. After this, the headphones are said to be slated for production for a predicted December release.

As much as people would like to contribute funds to make this awesome idea a reality, it makes sense to exercise a bit of caution, as the product might never make it to the market. However, if you feel like giving it a try, you can order a pair of the headphones for $80, a PC adapter for $30, and a stand for recording audio without wearing the headphones for $150. If the headphones reach the market, the headphones are expected to sell for $150.


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  1. Nice headphones, but pity that it’s only work on Apple devices alone. We Android users are not welcome

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