Apparently, NokiaSoft have been working behind the scenes a bit. Just a day after the official announcements by NokiaSoft, the guys at Engadget have scooped

Scoop: First Nokia Windows Phone concept device

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Apparently, NokiaSoft have been working behind the scenes a bit.

Just a day after the official announcements by NokiaSoft, the guys at Engadget have scooped a photo of the first Nokia Windows Phone concept/prototype device.

nwp proto3

It looks like NokiaSoft are serious about speed of delivery, and as Engadget ponits out, this confirms Steve Ballmer’s assertion that the engineers of both companies have “spent a lot of time on this already.”

If this goes through, I certainly want one!

PS: I still don’t believe I am rooting for this. Some months back, I was kicking and screaming against it – until I was given a Windowsphone 7 device to review (bosun99ukbelushi, thanks for that loan device!). The UI and services integration simply rock – perfect for this collaboration with Nokia. Now, I am a believer. Long live Nokia Windows Phone!



  1. Here’s hoping that Nokia will introduce some new hardware design themes to Windows phone, some of the designs I’ve seen are just boring.

  2. Lovely pics, Yomi. Nice Nokia Windows 7 concept phone. But I do not think that is a prototype. If it is, then it’s quite early. And it thus means Nokia and Microsoft, both perenial procrastinators have taken a new leaf.

    These phones definitely have a COOL factor. Along with a matching UI (I am one in love with his UI!), I should get one.
    But can they make a phone that pink? I think that I should go for the pink one. Such beauty!
    Please give a MicrOkia!

  3. @Yomi
    Please re confirm this statement
    (bosun99uk, thanks for that loan device!).

    Can’t wait for the WP7 device from Nokia

  4. I am still a doubting thomas here. I love nokia with a passion but this marriage….
    What really is wrong with nokia doing it the samsung way. Making its own symbians and S40 phones, then breaking in on windows 7, androids etc without tying themselves with microsoft.

    A still sidon dey look o!

  5. What really is wrong with nokia doing it the samsung way

    1. What really is wrong with Nokia doing it this way?

    2. Since when did Samsung become the yardstick for determining how to do it?

    3. What makes you think that doing it the way that Samsung did will produce the same results? Look all around at people copying othbers and still not measuring up.

    4. Wouldn’t it be a bland, uninteresting world if everyone did things the way the other person has done it?

    Just asking. Me, I prefer to do things my way. Perhaps one of the reasons why I am rooting for this is because I’ve got this wild adventurer in me too 😀

  6. Thanks Nokia for saving me the trouble, was saving for an n8 but now, that would have to be another patient wait for a wp7 device., i hope it lives up to the feature capabilities of the n8 like the 12mp cam, or else i’d sell my soul to steve jobs

  7. Well, martinkem, i do not regret buying my N8 now. If this NokiaWindowsPhone had been announced earlier, i would still have bought my darling Nate. This is because, considering both OSes current stage of development, Symbian can do much more for me than WP7. I believe It’ll be at least 6 months before nokiawindowphones hit the market in the varieties people want. In that time, i’ll have made the most use of my darling Nate before filing for seperation.

    Yomi, could you implement daily polls here? Like WOULD YOU STILL BUY A NOKIA N8 NOW OR WAIT FOR A NOKIAWINDOWSPHONE? Most visitor never comment, and a poll is a quick way of getting opinions of a greater number of people.

  8. Hmm.
    Ordinary, I would say this is a perfect combination we have here. It is conceptually unimpeachable.


    Microsoft does not have a reputation of being loyal to its partners. It has always been a ruthless and avaricious business empire.!

    Like Nokia, it is searching for new answer in this newage mobility war. So, this survivalist instinct may undo this match-up eventually.

    In this particular deal, I would say Nokia has the shorter end of the stick I would also opine that Nokia needs Microsoft more than the other way round. And that is risky to Nokia..

    Somebody even went as far as calling this a silent takeover by Microsoft . See and

    Already Nokia share price has nosedivied. And Nokia workers are vehemently protesting the deal.

    From a purely technical perspective, I want this deal to succeed. But I have my doubts as to how workable this would be long term
    I see the Nokia brand getting subsumed over time. Microsoft is ank old hand at overt and covert acquisitions!

    It may start from the branding of the devices! Will those high, end phones still be called Nokia, or is it WindowsPhone or WHAT?

    Will there still be Windowsphone (now made by Nokia) ?

    Are they both going to preserve their separate identities / brand (in the upper segment level)?

    Now, my question is , ‘does SOFTWARE sell the HARDWARE, Or HARDWARE sells the SOFTWARE?’

    It appears to be the former, given the way Android has pushed Nokia to taking this almost self,annihilating step!

    Wey have seen tgat having stellar hardware is not a guarantee of continued market dominance.

    Wey shall see….

  9. Good combo. Microkia :: Nokiasoft.

    The factors leading to the success of the move does not end with a good and excellent product (Device). Other factors to be considered are:
    *Business Management
    *How fast an ecosystem can be developed
    *Time factor
    *Simplicity of coding on WP OS
    *Marketing and PR
    *(lots of work in addition to an excellent good product)

    Stephen Elop, pull this off and you will become my business man of the decade.

  10. Despite Steve Jobs being the bad guy, I must say he has been leading in innovation. A look at the phone reminds you of the iPhone. Same thing with the Google Nexus One And S. Maybe they are not mimicking the iPhone, maybe that is how future phones are supposed to look. But the iPhone was there first.

  11. @EyeBeeKay

    My sentiments exactly. I couldn’t have put it better. You took the words off my mouth. This is my fear but people are carried away with device production and unable to see these fears.

    I was wit afewgoodmen yesterday and had an arguement on this and for the very first time in his Apple laden life, he complelely agreed with Yomi on this marriage. Many may not see it the way I see it but as mentioned previously, I sidon dey look.

  12. Well i just wish nokia a success because the unfortunate decision has already been taken.However, i will want nokia to watch its staff,as it is staff that made nokia what it is and so has to be careful the way it take its decision in matters that concerns them.Because if already its own staff are staging a protest and GOOGLE is using the scenerio by its technology recruiter Aiden Biggins to offer Jobs to any interested nokia software engineer then it is not good news given google’s reputations. Already google has dismissed the alliance saying 2Turkeys do not make an

    Also in another development,intel has swiftly responded to the decision as a disappointments for nokia not being committed to promises of meego project which they are doing jointly.However intel has vowed to continue with the project in collaboration with the other partners and shall subsequently release various devices using meego recognising the beauty of variety of Operating systems and for the promotion of unrival technology. Read-

    Atleast a good commander in chief do not waiver oftenly on his decision as we have witnessed with nokia.It is promises upon promises and no results,just unfinished businesses always e.g maemo,meego,Qt,symbian^3,^4 etc Few days back at CES others were busy making launches and releases of devices.Today at MWC other vendors are still busy displaying various devices while nokia is still busy making promises as usual at a time when even the mighty apple in planning to flood the market with low end devices. God save nokia!

  13. I Hope Nokia’s Union proves to be Strong,however as of now i regard Nokia as a Sell Out Organization,it just threw away a very potential market away,not symbian but Meego,we all now Microsoft has the higher hands in decision making,also i see it coming they are going to KILL the QT Framework,Microsoft is known for hating on the Opensource would want to sell its product the .NET Tools,though not bad but the QT gives developers the leverage to port to all platforms,unless QT makes a port for WP7 no sane developer will switch to code to .NET from Qt that’s another learning curve.At the end of the day Android gets the of now there’s a port of qt to android on the works “Lighthouse”.My Only question is “Does Microsoft have a Payment Plan that Nigerian Developers can use without Paypal and submit their apps effectively”.QT Lives Forever still can’t proceed with my Qt Reading,who knows i might be learning a Dead Technology

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