Screen Standby keeps your video playing in sleep mode

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Have you ever wanted to turn off your screen without putting it to sleep? When you do this, your apps can continue playing in the background. For example, if you are watching a video and your screen goes to sleep, the video would stop. You may need this video to continue playing, for example if you have your phone connected to a secondary screen and you need to save battery. You could use Screen Standby to keep your app running while your screen is off.

Screen Standby allows you to switch off the screen temporarily without actually putting the phone to sleep mode. This saves your battery and prevents your phone from getting too hot. It works on every device, and it has been tested on the XDA thread with positive results. Furthermore, with Screen Standby you can turn off your device’s backlight while keeping the device running for MHL/HDMI streaming or gaming. This means that you can turn off the screen and watch your movie or game on a big screen and also save your battery.Screen Standby

Screen Standby requires root access to your device, so if your phone is not rooted it won’t work. It has a lot of settings you can try out. There are also a lot of widgets you can use to activate the off-screen mode, but you can also simply shut the backlight. If you need to wake up the phone, just press the sleep button to deactivate the phone’s actual sleep mode. There are also some experimental options, some of which include waking the screen with the accelerometer and proximity sensors.

Suffice it to say that this app will be really useful to you if you like to connect your phone to external screens. Screen Standby is available on Google Play Store for free, so go check it out.

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