There are different techniques for keeping your memory razor_sharp. While the progressive, insidious and degenerative effects of old age on memory storage/recall – is inevitable,

Scribble – the cure to amnesia

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There are different techniques for keeping your memory razor_sharp. While the progressive, insidious and degenerative effects of old age on memory storage/recall – is inevitable, your mobile phone can come in handy to remember thing.

Most phones come with built in note_taking applications. Apart from the dirt_cheap ones, you are almost certain to (also) have a calendar/reminder application.

By making use of these memoire_aides (pardon the Swahili!), it would just be the result of pure laziness to claim that ANYTHING escapes one’s memory. After all, those devices are almost always with us.

I mostly use these to maintain my ‘to do’ list. Strictly short_term. The doctors would tell us that it is great to keep as many details as possible in our brains. It keeps those synapses in the brain functional and firing efficiently – longer. Sure, Sure. However, we are all having situations where we need to retrieve a piece of information from our head, and we draw a blank. Consequently, keeping critical information stored in an easily accessible place (your phone) would look like a wise move.

True; these apps will not help you remember a face you met at that Part, but, hey – half bread is better than ‘chin-chin’!

Now, why do most people just do not bother to write (jot,scribble..) things down? One reason could be that there is no pen(cil)/paper at that point in time.

In recent times, mobile phones with touchscreen are being adopted in droves. App developers have been creative in using this to advantage.

Mobile Software that allow us to scribble (or draw) right on that touchscreen are legion. That way, we can quickly scribble that list of items to pick from the supermarket. We do not want to forget to buy that packet of sugar for the early morning tea, or pay that cableTV subscription this Friday afternoon – right?

All of these apps (desktop PC variants are plentiful) merely mimic the ubiquitous Yellow Post-It Notes. Convenient, fast and ulta-useful. Such applications (for Symbian) – that I currently use (or have used) – on a touchscreen phone are iisted next:

1) NoteIt – This is my favorite of the lot. It is a Symbian application. Compatible with Symbian s^3 and s^1. It allows you place ‘draggable’ virtual sticky notes anywhere on the phone screen

2) OffScreen Sticky Notes – This is also a symbian application, meant for s^1 (but may also work on s^3).

3) ScribPad – Java app.

4) ScratchPad – Java app.

These are all free applications. Each has its comparative strength and weakness. Each allows you to quickly scribble anything on your touchscreen phone. You may use the back of your index_finger_nail, or use a stylus (if your phone has one). I used to improvise my (lost) stylus with a toothpick (until I was taken to task!)

If you do not own a touchscreen phone, a Java application you can try out is NotesOnThePhone. It is a Java application. The main attraction of this is that it can (intermittently) scroll your text across the screen – if you wish. You can define the interval. Or you may want to try out Mobineon Smart Notes.

Unlike the other apps mentioned, you do not scribble. You type in the text.

You may want to ‘google’ for these applications (or check Ovi Store) and give them a spin.

[This post would not be complete without mentioning the use of heavy_duty calendar applications for storing (recurring) events, and generally organizing our lives better. I use Handy Calendar (Symbian S^3).]

Erase the word ‘amnesia’ from your dictionary! Permanently.


  1. That’s one reason why I keep my old Nokia 5320XM with me after 2 years. I use it for my reminders, alarms, note-taking, and storing vital information such as bank account numbers, website usernames, etc.

  2. On my side of e fence, I use mobile noter, memonic, evernote or the integrated notes in my iPad/iPhone to take notes!

    Good article, EyeBeeKay; Very soon you’ll be as good as the legendary Yomi!

  3. Color note for Android is my favourite because of its simplicity and reminder features. there is also “Extensive Note” and “Note Everything” that are also very good because they have capability to add multimedia contents to notes.

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