Lucky Guy: No iPhone for President Obama

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Errr… so US President Obama is still not allowed to use an iPhone for security reasons. Meanwhile, the way iPhone fans have been going on about how their darling toy offers as good security as BlackBerry does, one would think that the guys at the Pentagon (or the Mad House, or Sector 16, or whatever) would know. Or maybe they are just slow to catch on. Or… whatever!

See the original article: Obama says he’s not allowed iPhone for ‘security reasons’

  1. Just a simpLe reason, Iphone is assembled in china and there could be some possible monitoring(like the Huawei saga).

  2. Don’t mind the iClan.

    Shouting something with a megaphone from the rooftops does not make a falsehood, true .

    The iPhone praise_singers, being mostly visually challenged, often cannot see beyond their noses.

    Leave them, jor!

  3. I think mobility is madly in love ladies social media phone – blackberry . It does matter about security or not androids phones are the best. Am sure you might have been paid to boost failing image for blackberry. I have abandoned it for months now and am set to have my Note 3.
    Please don’t be baised android phones are the phone for the decade.

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