Wonders they say, shall never end. In all my life of playing with gadgets, I’ve never had such an encounter. Memory cards have failed me

See how my 16 GB memory card suddenly turned to 30 MB!!

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Wonders they say, shall never end. In all my life of playing with gadgets, I’ve never had such an encounter. Memory cards have failed me in the past, but not with this kind of alacrity. How could a 16 GB memory card suddenly turn itself into 30 MB? Take a seat and follow the gist.

If you recall, I shared with you guys earlier that I’m looking to get a BlackBerry 10 device. So on Monday morning, I found a good deal on OLX and made the purchase. At the point of testing, I removed the 16 GB memory card in my Infinix HOT 2 and inserted it into the BlackBerry to test. Everything worked perfectly.

On getting home, I removed the memory card from the BlackBerry and re-inserted it to my Android, and that’s when the “wahala” started. The phone immediately notified me that the memory card was damaged and should be formatted!!

See the useless memory card

In panic mode, I put the SD card back in the BlackBerry, and it refused to show. I quickly picked up a memory card reader, slot in the memory card, and plugged it into my laptop. It said I should format first before use. “Ok; I agree, let me format”, I said to myself. I clicked the “Format” button and got this reply, “Drive:E was unable to format”. Chei!! See gbege!!

I reinserted the card into the BlackBerry. There, I was able to format it, and lo and behold, it now shows 30 MB capacity!! You can imagine!! What on earth would I do with 30 MB!? It should have been more merciful and given me, say 1 or 2 GB. That would have been fair. Now I’m left to rue all my lost pictures. Please, don’t tell me of cloud storage 😡

Is there anything I didn’t get right? Or is this one of those punishments from the gods of mobile?


  1. Maybe if you’d tried an anti-virus like Eset on it first, it could have sweep and quarantine the virus first and then allow for proper formatting

  2. Wahala,I can’t imagine which will be more painful,the lost memory space or the lost files..

  3. I bought an 8 GB memory card for peanuts last week. It has no name on it , so you can call it ChuxKad.

    My thinking is that nobody in his right mind would bother making a fake 8 GB SD card when he can use the same effort to make a 32GB or 64GB one, and make more money.

    I seem to be thinking right!

    So far, ChuxKad is holding its contents, and if (/ when) it fails, I won’t cry . It is that cheap.

  4. well the same problem occured with me, i had sandisk 32 GB UHS1 memory card, that worked properly, and after I inserted it in my android phone then also that was fine. But, i dont know how, it turned to 15.8 MB,

    Oh!! come onnnn 32 GB(~25) to 15.8 MB!!!!

    Can anybody please help me!!!!

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