See the device Arsenal star Mesut Özil is rocking

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Arsenal Football Club are currently on an Asian tour, playing friendly games with different teams in the region as part of their pre-season. Meanwhile, Arsenal star Mesut Özil, probably in his chilling time showed us a peek of his current smartphone.

He shared the tweet below:

As you can see, he’s rocking a Red Blackberry Passport. Thing is, Arsenal FC has no specific ties with Blackberry, so very likely he chose the device himself. Nice one Özil !!

  1. Uh, Ehis if he was rocking anything it would be an iPhone or Samsung, that’s how footballers roll.

    Funny thing about celebs, whenever I see a pic of them I’m more interested in what phone they have in their hand than any story about them.

  2. @Ehis *rubs eyes and reads again* this coming from a person renowned for the one-word comment? You have competition, just embrace it.

  3. @noni- thanks for the comment. Am not offended by it nor complaining. All i meant was that it is good for Mesut to make BB Passport his personal choice and that it doesn’t bother me. I don’t however understand where I got that comment wrong.

  4. @noni-Or where my comment is linked with yours. If this is what happens here,I think the better I retrace my step back to where I belong. Thanks.

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